Guide: Know When Progressive Jackpots are Hot or Cold


Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all know where the progressive jackpot is going to hit? To know which slot you want to play to become a real crorepati? Most of the aspects that has been debated rigorously over the years is hot or cold slots. Both hot and cold jackpots. Some might scoff this topic off as humbug. But, in truth, there’s value in understanding what to look for! Ready to take your steps towards becoming a crorepati?



The meanings ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ for online casino games come from whether or not they will be paying out. In short, the ‘cool’ slot will not pay out, while the ‘heat’ slot will. Some decide whether the slot is hot or cold by adding a variety of real money games on it and seeing if it pays off. If they don’t, they feel it ‘cold’ and switch to a new slot. This is not really accurate, of course. There are easier ways to keep track of hot and cold slots. With a little support from the Internet, we can search the slots without ever playing them.


When did it fall last?

There are a number of web platforms that track radical jackpot slots in real-time. Only enter ‘jackpot tracker’ in the search box and make your preference. These trackers send you statistics on stuff like:

  • When the jackpot hit last time.
  • The current size of the jackpot.
  • Average size.
  • Average payout time.
  • How many times it’s paid out.
  • Biggest and smallest wins.
  • Seeding amount.

This is going to give you an outstanding idea of how often a jackpot falls. Others are not going to decline in years, and some might have just fallen today!


How often does it fall?

Perhaps one of the most critical things to remember is how much it sinks. If you don’t know, you’re going to be fumbling in the dark. What you like is an approximation.


How large is the jackpot payout?

Big progressives may not be spending out often because of the cost. But they could be at the same time, if enough players are playing. What you want to make sure is that you’re competing for a pot worth fighting for. So how are you doing that? When comparing the amount to the timeframe of the bill.



The above methods are excellent ways to understand which radical online casino jackpot you should be shooting for. And when you do, there are a lot of tips that you’re going to want to bring with you. Only note that video slots are games of chance, there’s no way to guess where they’re going to land. And there are no ‘hidden tricks’ that can help you win.


When bet size matters, and when it doesn’t

Some people assume that you have to put big real money bets to win a jackpot. It’s not real. Unless stated in the game board.


The RNG is in charge, after all

The RNG (Random Number Generator) slot will decide whether you win. And the RNG is designed and evaluated to remain 100% random. In other words, you can’t cheat on a slot. Playing on a full moon won’t make you win more, and ‘strategies’ won’t make you win more often. It’s all about chance, and after all, luck.