Best Online Lottery in India

One of the oldest and most popular games in the world are lotteries. These games come in a multitude of versions and shapes and today, many of the most exciting ones can be played online. Some of them are even available at the best online casinos, but most of them are separate and offered on their own lottery sites.

Growing Popularity of the Online Lottery Sites

When it comes to sports, lottery sites really deliver the best there is. We’d like to suggest that there are an infinite range of lotto website benefits compared to normal state games, but there are 6 key advantages. 

Huge Jackpots

There are big prizes for all online lottery jackpots and we’re not talking about 1 or 2 lakh, but tens, hundreds or even thousands of them. 

Wide Variety of Games

Lottery sites worldwide still have at least a dozen games for you to enjoy. There are also scratch cards, immediate win games and casino games on several websites. 

Top Security

Online lottery sites are regulated and have certificates that prove that all their clients are handled equally. In addition, your winnings are all guaranteed.

Fast Withdrawals

Anything you win can be withdrawn directly into your local bank account in a matter of seconds. Everything you need to do is get your identification checked once. 

Responsive Customer Support

With excellent customer service available on international lottery websites, any questions you have can be answered. By phone, live chat or email, you can contact them. 

Great Bonuses

Lottery websites are continuously providing free tickets, prizes and deals that you can enjoy. Ensure your welcome bonuses are checked out!


There have never been more possibilities for purchasing lottery tickets in India than there are now. As previously stated, all of the major Indian state lotteries sell tickets online. All you have to do is go to those who are licensed (typically the state’s lottery sites), open an account, deposit money, and buy as many tickets as you want or are qualified for.

If you wish to play an international lottery in India, you follow a similar procedure, but instead of utilizing an Indian-based lottery vendor, you rely on lottery agents who purchase the ticket for you in the corresponding country. Finally, several online casinos in India provide lottery-style games for which tickets can be purchased.

                                Lottery Laws in India

Lotto games are commonly played in India on the Internet, but are they legal? The legal situation is very complicated concerning Indian online lotteries. Online lotteries are not illegal, but neither are they legal. Confusing, huh? 

This is because the lottery laws laid down in India and its states are out of date. They were all published before anyone had access to the internet and are thus difficult to read in online environments. Indian private lotteries are banned by statute, but because they are located outside India, this does not extend to international lottery sites. What you need to know is that in India, NO ONE was punished for playing lotto online, but there were countless winners.

Security of Lotteries

Genuine lottery websites online are among the best in the world. All the lottery sites featured here have been extensively evaluated and the first and most critical aspect analyzed is protection. It’s very easy to decide whether an Indian lotto site is safe or not. What it wants is to have three significant factors to live up to. It requires a lottery license, security certificates must be in place, and an established track record of winners and transparent customer feedback must be needed.

License for Lottery

Sites that live up to very high standards set by a government body are given a license. Licenses can be obtained from, among others, Great Britain, Sweden and Malta. Lottery sites are then routinely audited to ensure that their players receive equal care.

Certificates of Security

Lotto sites are secured by security certificates from outside threats such as hackers. This means that you never have to think about sharing your personal information with the platform you are playing on, such as your home address or payment details. The most important thing is SSL encryption, because that is what makes a site impenetrable.

Winners & Ratings from Customers

Our lottery reviews also take into account the experience of every player and ensure that all the lottery sites featured here have an established track record of Indian winners.

                Lottery Agent and Bookkeeper

In India, there are two ways to play online lottery by agents or bookkeepers.

Lotto Agents

A representative of the organization can go out and purchase an official entry for you at a store when you buy a ticket on a website that acts as a lotto agent. 

Afterwards, the ticket is checked and forwarded to your account.

                                 Lotto Bookkeepers

You do not buy an official ticket when you purchase a ticket from a lottery bookkeeper. Instead, you are making a bet on the lotto’s result. Essentially, it operates in the very same way as purchasing an official ticket, except the lotto platform you played at will pay you your winning money instead of the lottery game paying you.

  Online Lottery India FAQ

Is Online Lottery Legal in India?

In India, online lottery is not illegal because of outdated laws if it meets those criteria. The servers for the lottery site need to be outside of India. An foreign game ought to be a lottery game. To play, you need to be over 18.

How do I Buy Online Lottery Tickets from India?

Second, one of the many international lottery sites open to Indian players must be selected. With a digital payment provider such as VISA, MasterCard, Skrill or PayTM, pick your favorite game and buy tickets.

Can I Play Government Lotteries Online?

No, no government lotteries are available online and selling government lottery tickets on the internet is illegal.

Is it Safe to Play Lotteries Online?

Genuine lottery sites have e-gambling licenses, ensuring that when it comes to fair conduct, they live up to some of the highest world standards. In addition, the legal lottery sites featured here all have top-class encryption that keeps all the details you send them secure.

                                     Lottery Sites Work Best Your Mobile

On your smartphone, the best way to play the lotto online is. Playing on your tablet shows all the best aspects of online international lottery games. In a matter of seconds, you can purchase a ticket wherever you are. A smartphone and an internet connection are what you need. The best part is that at the precise moment you feel the luckiest, you can buy a lotto ticket. There are also several online lottery applications that provide you with great advantages, such as updates, exclusive prizes, and more. Since all the online lotteries featured here have fantastic mobile browser pages, it does not matter whether you have an iPhone, iPad or Android.

State Lottery Tickets

It’s incredibly easy to get hold of a government lottery ticket in India. You can easily buy an Indian lottery ticket from one of the many street vendors available. All over the states where lotto games are legal, government lottery vendors can be found. However, beware of bogus lotto tickets! Because each ticket sold is a part of a series with the slips printed beforehand, you cannot pick your own numbers. If you have purchased the slip, make sure to keep your ticket in a secure location. If they are not placed in a safe location, paper tickets can easily get lost.

State Lotteries Online

There’s no online government lottery available right now. Playwin was the only online state lottery that existed, but Pan India Network went bankrupt due to tax issues and the business behind it. As India’s online lottery is becoming more popular, state governments will need to look into being able in the future to have web sales.