WHAT IS RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING?

How To Stay In Control

Gambling is a thrilling type of entertainment that millions of people across the world enjoy daily. Casino games, betting, and other forms of diversions with the potential to earn money may be both entertaining and rewarding at times.

Gambling, on the other hand, has a drawback and is connected with certain hazards. We’re not only talking about the obvious risk of losing the money you’re playing with.

Here, we’ll go through these dangers and how to tell whether you or someone close to you is losing control. We’ll also go over what you can do to avoid these hazards, as well as how to halt them and restore control if necessary.

We have a responsibility to keep our clients secure, even if we run this site to assist you to become a better casino player or educate you on how to enhance your sports betting techniques. And the best way to do so is to teach you how to bet properly.

The Risks of Gambling

As previously said, there are some hazards to be aware of while playing at casinos or participating in sports betting – both online and in person. The most common is gambling addiction.

In truth, gambling addiction is a rather common problem that affects a large number of people. Even if you have never had difficulties with other addictions and never drink or use drugs, you are still at danger of being addicted to gambling.

A widespread misconception is that only those who can’t afford to gamble may get hooked, which is completely false. But, before we go too far ahead of ourselves, let us take a step back and begin at the beginning.

What is a Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction, like addictions to other substances, sex, and so on, is classed as a mental health condition. It is classified as a problem when a gambler can’t stop playing even when he or she recognizes it is affecting their life and the lives of others around them, and when the person can’t control the need to play regardless of the repercussions of their actions.

People become hooked to gambling for a variety of reasons. For others, it is simply psychological or social in nature, and is dependent on their personal relationship with gambling.

Others believe it is biological. It has been established that offspring of addicts are genetically inclined to acquire their own addictions.

Finally, persons who are already addicted to anything else, such as alcohol, are more likely to get hooked to anything else, including gambling.

Furthermore, gambling addiction is typically separated into two groups, and though they differ significantly, they are both equally as dangerous and possibly as destructive.

Signs That You’re Losing Control

With a clearer understanding of what constitutes a gambling addiction, we’ll look at the indicators that someone has lost control over their gaming.

  1. Inability to Disengage from Gambling Thoughts

One of the first symptoms that someone is becoming addicted to gambling is the inability to stop thinking about it. In other words, it becomes a part of a person’s life even when they are not gambling.

Addicts, for example, might sometimes spend the whole day thinking about other times they’ve gambled or planning their next session.

  1. Increased Risk-Taking

To attain the same level of excitement, a gambler must increase the amount they spend, just as a drug addict must increase the dose to attain the same high.

Never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose, and gambling should never be a top priority in your budget.

  1. Angry toward everyone who claims there is a problem

When others comment on their problem or suggest them to quit or limit their gaming, those who have a gambling addiction may feel frustrated and frustrated. Similarly, when they are unable to gamble for whatever reason, they feel frightened and irritated.

It should never be an issue to be unable to bet.

  1. Chasing Losses to Get Even

One of the golden laws of gambling is to never chase losses since it is a definite way to lose much more money and form undesirable habits. Every gambler must embrace the reality that they will lose at times, and when this occurs, it is critical to stop and restart.

It is theoretically impossible to make up or gain back losses in gambling, and attempting to do so is exceedingly risky.

  1. Lying To Cover Up

Many people may not realize that most addicts are perfectly aware of their problems, even if they would not acknowledge it to anybody, even themselves. As a result, their problems are virtually usually related with shame.

As a result, people soon begin to lie about how often they play and how much they lose.

How To Stop Gambling and Regain Control

If you suspect you have a problem or are establishing harmful habits, you should get treatment. The truth is that most individuals cannot stop gambling on their own, just as most drug addicts cannot quit using narcotics without assistance.

There are obviously exceptions to this rule, and if you can quit on your own, you should.

Most gambling sites now allow you to establish gaming limits and even ban your access to certain sites. However, you will very certainly require the support and assistance of others, and there is nothing wrong with that.

That being said, the first step of overcoming any addiction is to recognize that you have one, which is frequently the most difficult aspect.

We’ve included some of the most effective and common ways to receive assistance for gambling addiction below.

Gamblers Anonymous (GA)

Gamblers Anonymous (GA) is a terrific place to start, and it is often the first step many take in getting treatment. GA is a worldwide organization that operates on the same principles as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

You do not need to register to attend a GA meeting. Instead, simply show up and take it from there. And don’t worry, you’re not the first person to show here, nor are you the last.


Most experts advise you to call your usual doctor as soon as you suspect there is a problem. In turn, the doctor can either assist you or guide you in the proper way.

One of the finest reasons to see a doctor is that your problem becomes official, and you instantly engage others with whom you do not have a personal relationship. It will be more difficult to flee the situation later if you do this.

Medical Treatment

For some, GA or counseling is insufficient, and pharmacological treatment such as antidepressants and rehab are the only options.

In most areas of the world, you may sign up for rehab on your own, but it is still suggested that you go via your normal docto


To ensure that you do not lose control over yourself, keep fun throughout the game session, and avoid signs of problem gambling, there are certain things that you must pay close attention to. Here are some of the most important fundamentals of responsible gambling –

• Remember That Gambling Is Just for Enjoyment

Gambling can be considered as the paid form of entertainment where you have to pay some amount to get the fun you desire. It is just like watching a movie in a theatre where you have to buy a ticket to watch a movie. To win extra in gambling, you have to bet more. But, keep in mind that you play casino games for fun in the core time within your budget.

• Do Not Chase Losses

Chasing losses is one of the most common reasons for problem gambling. Even though losing money is not fun, you must try to accept them with a positive attitude because gambling is all about wins and losses. So, it is fine to bet constantly if you remain within your gambling budget. But the moment you go beyond your bankroll, lose the hope to get back the lost money.

• Set A Bet Limit

It is hard to manage money in the excitement of playing thrilling games. Hence, it is significantly important to set your bankrolls i.e., how much you are willing to spend on betting and how much money you can afford to lose. Make sure that the betting limit does not affect your normal expenses. If you get out of all the decided money, then leave it instantly. Never try to play with the money you don’t have. Borrowing money from other people will put you in a financial crisis. So, it is good not to gamble if you cannot afford it.

• Learn Game Rules and Odds

Besides entertainment and excitement level, also consider the rules and odds of a selected game. A clear and detailed understanding of these two things will provide you the access to both fun and a big winning amount.

• Gambling Is Not an Income Source

One of the biggest mistakes that most players do is that they think online gambling a form of income. But this is far away from reality as no one knows how the wheel of luck will turn in the next moment. Enjoy it as a way of getting some entertainment.

• Set Time Limit

You will become addicted to gambling if you keep on playing casino games or sports betting despite winning or losses. So, set a certain time limit ensuring it would not affect your everyday schedule and important activities.

• Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

Whenever you find yourself going in the way of irresponsible gambling, ask the casino customer support team for help. There are many ways (discussed below) to get help with gambling problems and avoid disastrous consequences. Interacting with experts is much better than feeling ashamed or getting badly addicted to betting.

• Keep Emotions Aside

Emotions have strong control over a person that he or she may not be able to make sound decisions. So, do not gamble or stop betting when you are emotionally or mentally weak. Anger, stress, depression or other mental disturbance can distract your mind from effective gameplay. So, never bring your emotions to the roulette table, slot machines, or other casino games you are playing.

• Learn to Accept Reality and Stop the Game

Do not expect to win in every situation. Stop the game and leave the table when you start hitting more losses or go through all the decided money.

• Don’t Forget to Track Gambling Habits

Always keeps a track of strategies or ticks you are using, bet amount, wins and losses, bet time, and everything to make confident and better decisions in the long run. It will also help you in learning from the mistakes and avoid them in the next game sessions.

• Never Gamble Under Influence

Although gambling is about engaging in an exciting and entertaining environment with vibrant lights and inviting sound, you might wish to carry some party essential. But this would be your wrong decision as gambling under the influence of alcohol or high roller companion on a winning streak would make you place a large and frequent wagers beyond your time limits or bankroll size.


If you are finding any problem in gambling or betting, then ask for support from several organizations and responsible gambling resources. There are some ways through which you can get the best possible solution to overcome your gambling addiction.

  • Gambler Anonymous

It is a site where you will find a fellowship of other people who share their experiences, ideas, strength, weakness, and hope to help each other solve their common gambling problem and addiction. You will find numerous quality materials to kick start your recovery from betting-related issues. To become a member of this community, you have to get a Gambler Anonymous Membership with no fees. There is a recovery program of Anonymous Alcoholics with 12 steps to fight gambling addiction.

  • Responsible Gambling Resources

There are numerous responsible gambling resources you can find on the web and around the real world. One of the most recognized gambling resources is based in the UK. But it does not mean that only UK players can get support and recommendations for their gambling problems. These resources are focused on gamblers from different parts of the world. The Gambling Commission of UK or most popularly known as UKGC is well-recognized online gambling jurisdictions that give players highly interesting and informative statistics to let them understand the concept and process of gambling addiction.

BeGambleAware is another online platform where gamblers find enough information to play responsibly and protect themselves from gambling issues. You can also visit the GamCare website to get vital and detailed knowledge about several areas of gambling associated problems.

  • Gambling Therapy

This is one of the most respected and trusted online portals where gamblers with problems can get support and advice through groups, online forums, email, or live chat. This largest online platform supports various languages such as Hindi, Punjabi, and English. Hence, you can easily get the possible solution in the language you easily understand. Gambling Therapy is an ideal destination as here you will find everything you need to fight with your gambling addiction such as help guides, literature, and lots more.

  • Reach Online Casino Responsible Gaming Section

If you have ever noticed, then you will know that reputable operators such as LeoVegas, Royal Panda, etc give a separate section to responsible gaming. You can reach there by clicking on the “Responsible Gaming” button given at the bottom of a specific casino website. Here, you will find different limit tools, detailed information, methods, and resources to know about gambling habits, play responsibly, and avoid getting addicted to gaming.

  • Gambling Problem Helpline Number

Besides these online platforms and resources, you can opt for another method that is quite easy to reach. Some free gambling problem helpline numbers are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

  • Contact Online Casino Customer Support Team

To let every customer gamble responsibly, most of the reliable online casinos are focusing on responsible gaming and creating their helpful customer support team. To protect gamers from financial losses and mental stress, the operators provide players with several ways – phone number, live chat, online forums, and email to reach out to their customer support representatives. Hence, whenever you have any questions or need assistance to resolve gaming issues, contact the trained staff of a selected casino.


No one likes to get trapped into a problem when they are playing their favorite game. So, it is strongly recommended to gamble with more responsibility considering the essential tips in the mind.