Spotting Blacklist Casinos


If you feel like browsing the Internet for online casino sites on your own, there are a few things you’ll want to hold in mind. Think of a casino like a bank, first of all. This is the place where you’re going to share your personal and financial information. Here, you’ll even deposit your own hard-earned ropes. Much like you wouldn’t open a bank account on a strange-looking bank website, can you play a strange-looking casino website!


No information about licenses

Casino licenses are large clearance stickers, which means that if a casino does not have details on which license, they are using, something is wrong. Operators are able to open and operate casinos from tightly controlled areas, allowing them to take advantage of you. Stop it!

Customer support

It is necessary to be able to reach the operator and it should be clear how this can be achieved. Not just that, but customer service should also be available at any hours of the day, either via text, chat, or phone. Preferably by more than one process.

About us

Are you going to deposit money to a platform that doesn’t tell you who they really are? Yeah, we don’t think so. Casinos who want to conceal who owns a brand might try to hide more than just their name. It’s a huge red flag.

External reviews

Having real evidence from other players who have been and played the site is a good way to spot a blacklisted casino. Sites like Trustpilot, Google scores, Quora, and even Glassdoor will expose casinos that don’t keep what they promise.

”Shady” Looking Design

Websites that look old or low resolution or very long loading times can be avoided. All of the items listed indicate that the site may not only have security vulnerabilities, but that it won’t be able to give you a decent gaming experience.


Sign up to play at a rogue casino can make you gamble a lot more than just just a poor player experience at the tables. The reality is, a bad casino will totally ruin your experience and make you lose money in the process. Not to mention that you put classified material, as well as your health, at considerable risk.

Winnings aren’t paid out

Yes, this is one thing. You played, you won, and you call for a withdrawal. Suddenly, the casino begins stopping things. Not answering your emails, taking a long time to process your cash out, or even saying that you can’t cash out for any reason. Yeah, well, we’d be angry too.

Absent customer support

And talking about taking a long time to respond, it may not be just because you need assistance with a withdrawal. Generally, long reaction times or even novice or incomplete responses that won’t help are other indicators of weak service. Want to be caught in a loop from a support agent to a support agent? You didn’t think so.

Fraud risk

State-of-the-art firewalls, SSL encryption, and secure servers are not inexpensive, but they are necessary for a secure web. Tiny, odd-looking gambling sites can cut corners, and they could only do so by gambling with the confidentiality of your personal and financial information. Fraud, identity stealing and hacking are not indicators of a good gambling experience!

Spammy SMS and Emails

Blacklist casinos can, first and foremost, make sure you play. This means they’re going to ask you to do that, a lot. This can be in the form of complicated incentive offers, or just calling you, asking, “How much you’re missing.” Pressure also drives players to gambling for more money than they expected.

No legal support

If you end up in a dead-end with the operator, you may want to file a lawsuit to settle it. More frequently than not, casinos with bad or no license can be free from all third-party firms operating on these issues. Meaning that you’re going to be one person battling a whole business, you should have to.


There are legal casinos on the other side of the spectrum. There are online gaming operators who know what they’re doing, and who put you, their player, first. But, to make sure they are, there are a few standards that they’re going to have to follow. We assume that the ones below are the most important ones.

Proper licensing

There are many different online gambling licenses available, but not all of them benefit Indian players. Malta (MGA) and Curacao permits are well recognized and used by many of the most trusted casinos on the market. Both licenses require license holders to comply with strict protection, responsible gaming and fairness.


A very strong indication that an online casino is legal is that they are interested in sponsorships. Sport clubs, tournaments and other organizations have a name of their own. They authorize only reputable and serious businesses to fund them.


Much as a business has a name, so do individuals, celebrities in this instance. Having a Notoriety to Advertise the Brand is a sure indication of credibility.

24/7 customer support

Imagine missing your credit card and not being able to contact the bank to block it! 24/7 customer service is important to any serious business that manages resources and its clients. Getting support instantly will not only allow for a smoother gameplay experience, but will also help fix practical problems quicker.

Account verification

While seen as an irritating feature of online gaming, account checking is really a hallmark of a legal casino. Casinos must ensure that their players do not commit fraud on their web. This involves demanding documentation from the players to validate their identities.

Responsible gambling efforts

Finally, you care for a serious casino, and they actually want you to have fun. That’s why a responsible and trustworthy casino is going to make sure you play in a safe way. They will provide responsible gambling resources and ways to unsubscribe from advertising contact.

Open job Positions

Very profitable and secure casinos are owned by big business. This indicates that they also advertise open positions, and that they often keep their office transparent (Glassdoor.)