Teen Patti – Variations


3 Patti is a very versatile casino game. Like poker, rankings, card prices, and the number of cards dealt can be modified in a multitude of ways, producing a number of Teen Patti combinations. However, variants of the game are most often played with other players. Unfortunately, when Teen Patti is playing online against a dealer, variants are also nowhere to be found. We’re positive this is going to improve when 3 Patti online grows visibility.


Joker Hunt

This is one of the Teen Patti variants nearest to poker, due to the opportunity to recycle cards. After the players have earned their three cards, a fixed number of cards will be revealed face up. Players can opt to discard one of their own in return for a revealed card.


Best of Four

This is what you might call Teen Patti’s “boosted” variation. Here you have four cards instead of three. You’re also going to have to make the best 3 patti hand, following the regular Teen Patti hand rankings, but now you’ve got an extra card that can help you build the winning hand.


Muflis (Lowball)

Out of all the Teen Patti variants, Muflis is one of the simplest to get started. If you know how to play Teen Patti, so you know how to play Muflis. The difference between standard 3Patti and Lowball is that you’re going to choose the lowest ranked hand, not the highest.


Low Wild & High Wild

Here, the lowest ranked card in the hand will turn into a wild card (joker). The wild card may be used like any other card or suit to build a successful hand. High Wild operates in the same way as Low Wild, except here it’s the top ranked player card that turns wild instead of the other way around.


AK 47

No, this game is not played with guns, as you might imagine in the name of this Teen Patti variant. The name applies to cards that are counted as jokers. In this case, the Ace, King, 4 and 7 cards all transform into jokers, which ensures they can be used to build a competitive hand.


Two-lowest Wild

Like the Low Wild variation, the Two-lowest Wild is played with four-card hands, where the two lowest-ranked cards are counted as wild. A Teen Patti 3-card hand would still have to be made, but here players have two wilds to use, providing more chances.


Bust Card Draw

A further stage is applied to the card handling process in Bust Card Draw. When all players have obtained their cards, the dealer may draw a “sudden death” card. Every player who has this card on his hand will have to fold his hand immediately.


Wild Draw

Similar to Bust Card Draw, Wild Draw employs the motion of an additionally drawn card. Here, the rank of the drawn card will count as wild, and any player with the graded card on their hand will also be entitled to use that card as wild card.



In Hukum Teen Patti, all players earn two regular cards and one joker card. The joker card would replace every card used to make a hand. If no hand variations are possible, even with a joker deck, the card would be counted as a High Card.



When playing Teen Patti online against a live dealer, the variants of Teen Patti would be very limited. The explanations for this are not all that obvious, but demand and payments are most definitely part of it. When you play against a dealer instead of other teams, the version that you get nearest to is Muflis, since it is a mirrored version of the original game.



The joker or the wild, depending on the game’s variation, acts much like the wild in a video slot. In other words, any card or card that is classified as “joker” or “wild” can have any suit or rank required to make up a hand.