Top Ten Best Casino Sites in India Listed & Reviewed

We’ve listed, rated and reviewed the most popular Indian and International online casinos.
To start playing safely, choose from our list of the top 10 best casino sites in the India
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Lucky Casino Site India 

Welcome! To the Land Of Mobile Casino and Online Casino where riches and fortunes are waiting for you!
Welcome to our website about online casinos, mobile casinos, casino games and everything around the topic of online gambling! You’re here because you’re either new to this world or you are seeking for tips and tricks to find your fortune. Online gambling is a fun activity and with a little luck and some strategic bets, you may very well emerge a winner. Some games can be learned, and skill allows you to beat other players or even the computer. Other games are of pure chance and fortune must smile upon you for you to win with your lucky numbers or with that batch of free spins you just got. online gambling.

Talking generally online casino real money offers a pretty damn percentage of odds and payback that are slightly higher than casinos based on land. Some of the many online casino real money claims a higher percentage of payback for slot machine games, and few of them publish percentages of payout audits on their websites. Assuming the many facts that most of the best online casino uses a programmed random number generator, blackjack like table games have an established house edge. These games payout percentages are established by the rules of the game.

Either way, we’re here to help you navigate the sometimes-murky waters of the online casino world. We want you to be a winner and it is true that fortune often favours the bold. No risk, no gain, as they say. So, let’s have a look at what we can teach you.

Best Online Casino Sites in India

Read our reviews to find out why we recommend each and everyone of these online casinos and betting sites!

Best Betting Sites in India:

Keep in mind that some online betting sites offer online casino and bookmaker products, though they are not always equally great. Often, online casinos that later added sportsbooks are still much better in the online casino department. And those bookmakers that added online casino games later or continue to focus on their sportsbook offers, are often the better bookmakers.

Online Casino Games

There are many different games you can play at online or mobile casinos. We will explain all of them for you in more detail on our pages. But first, let’s have a quick overview at what’s out there.


The most varied and popular type of online casino game, every online casino has at least a few hundred slots, though often you can find over a thousand. One of the oldest online casinos around has now over 4,000 slots in its portfolio.

Slots are simple, just as their real-life casino counterparts, where you used to pull a lever to spin the reels and align the same symbols across a pay line. In the past, they were called one-armed bandits as they tended to rob you of your money with very little chance of winning.

Modern online slots are much more generous than that. You click the virtual button and watch the reels spin, hopefully triggering the feature the game offers and win money.

There are many different slot categories, such as classic slots, video slots, 3D slots, progressive jackpot slots, slots with one feature or slots with up to 7 or 8 different features.

Slot games are made more appealing by featuring different themes, such as ancient Egypt, the Greek Gods, Norse mythology, pirates, nature, animals, fairy tales, adventure, sports, you name it. Everyone has their favourite and slot games cater to everyone’s taste. They can have low volatility, which means the game is set to give you regular small wins or they can have high volatility, which means the risk is greater but so are the potential wins.


One of the most classic games in the casino world, it wasn’t difficult to build a virtual roulette game that emulates the real-life experience. You get the wheel, you get the table with all the betting options and the computer does the rest. Since it is such a popular game in brick-and-mortar casinos, it was one of the first games also adapted for live casinos, where you are still looking at a computer interface that allows you to make your bets, but a real wheel is spun by a real dealer who sits in a studio somewhere, calling the best for you.

Roulette exists in American, European and French versions, but online casinos also make it possible to play Multi-Roulette, Speed-Roulette and many other versions with a range of betting limits you can’t usually find at real casinos. It’s a fun game of pure chance and your betting options determine how risky a game you want to play.


This is the most popular card game you can play at a casino, online and offline. Get two or more cards to reach 21 or as close to 21 as possible without busting (meaning you get 22 points). Keep in mind that you are playing against a dealer, who has the same goal. But your advantage is that you can risk more whereas a dealer has to abide by certain rules, which may very well allow you to win more easily.

Playing online casino versions of blackjack means you play against the computer, but the rules remain the same. It’s a great way to learn the game and try different strategies if ever you want to try it at a real casino.
But beware of counting cards!


Another popular card game that is especially highly regarded in Asia. Again, you need to reach certain points when playing against the dealer and whilst still relatively simple, the game is a bit more complicated than Blackjack. It’s fun and you can find it at all online casinos with a decent selection of casino games.
It’s also a game that can be played at the live casino and there is the usually different version you can play with Punto Banco being the most common one.


You could write entire books about playing poker. There’s no online casino that doesn’t offer at least some version of it. Popular at online casinos is the version of playing video poker, which is a very simple game played against the computer and mostly a version of 5 Card Draw poker. You get 5 cards, can keep or discard any number of them and get one draw after which your win is decided. There are different versions and it’s a good way to learn the most basic form of poker.

Casino poker allows you to play a range of different poker versions such as Caribbean Stud, Texas Hold’em, Casino Poker, Red Dog and many others in a more sophisticated setting against the computer.
These games are often also available as live casino version, where you play against the dealer.

Casino poker allows you to play a range of different poker versions such as Caribbean Stud, Texas Hold’em, Casino Poker, Red Dog and many others in a more sophisticated setting against the computer. These games are often also available as live casino version, where you play against the dealer. Finally, and most excitingly, however, you can join poker networks at some online casinos and play real poker games virtually against online poker players from around the world. That’s where you can truly show off your skill and win massive tournaments if you are good enough!

Other online casino games you will find at many but not all casinos are:

Online Casino Games

How to start gambling online

Now that you know what kind of games await you at online casinos, you will want to know how to start playing them. That’s easy!

Simply find an online casino that you like and sign up. This is what you need to do:

Online Casino Games

  • Read our online casino and betting site reviews
  • Choose one or two that you like and offer what you are searching for (such as many slots, a great live casino, sports betting, great bonuses, etc.)
  • Visit the casino and try some games for free
  • Read the terms and conditions
  • Sign up
  • Decide whether you want to claim the welcome bonus or not/a>
  • Make your first deposit (and claim the welcome bonus at the same time, or not)
  • Start playing
  • Withdraw your wins
  • Repeat!

  • Casino Games Guides

    Online Casino : It’s super important that you do your research before you sign up at an online casino. We only recommend those online casinos we deem safe and a good options for players from India. There are many rogue online casinos out there that will only take your money and never pay out any wins. We recommend online casinos that have a good reputation and a great overall gambling product for players not just from India but from around the world. At the same time, you don’t just have to take our word for it. You should also read up on the terms and conditions and try the casino out for free. Many online casino games (except live casino games) can be played in fun or demo mode without risking any real money. That way you can find out whether you even like a game. Even after you signed up and deposited money at a casino, you will be able to try games for free. But you also won’t win any real money, so where the point in that?
    When you do want to play with real money, we recommend you start small. Make small deposits, don’t bet all of it at once and make a few small withdrawals to test out the services a casino has. It’s easy and there’s very little risk.

    Choosing the best online casino for you

    So, how do you choose the best online casino for you? In our reviews we cover many important aspects, but we also give you more or less just a summary of the things you really should know. Otherwise we would have to write a whole book about the casino and you then would still need to make your own experiences.

    What is important to check before you sign up?

    Trustworthiness-:A Mobile casino Check for proper gambling licenses, the reputation of a casino and what other players say?

    Banking –: What deposit and withdrawal methods are available, are they convenient for you, what are withdrawal limits, what is the KYC (know your customer) process like, how fast are transactions processed?

    Games – : Which games are available here, can I play the games that I like, which providers does the casino work with?

    Bonuses –: Can I claim bonuses and promotions here, what are the conditions, is the wagering acceptable, are there regular promotions to participate in?

    Security –: How is the site protected, is my personal data safe here, what are the encryption protocols?

    Customer service –: How can I get help when I need it, is there a live chat, is the customer support available 24/7?

    Usability –: Is the site user-friendly or difficult to use, what is the navigation like, do I like the look of the page and the software that is used?

    Mobile play –: Does the casino offer a mobile version, how is it, is there a separate app for me to use? Everyone has different priorities and tastes, so there’s no one size fits all answer to find your best online casino. Many players try different online casinos because they can’t find one that suits all their needs. Some are happy with one choice and never try another place to play. We try to give you our unbiased view, but the final decision is up to you and what you like.

    Advantages of playing online casinos

    There is a special thrill of playing at a real-life casino, but you may never even be able to visit one because there aren’t any near you. Or they feel too intimidating. If you still want to try it out, online casinos are your best option and, some might argue, the better option.

    What are the advantages of online casinos?

    Accessibility – Anyone over the age of 18 can play at an online casino.

    No dress code – You can play from the comfort of your home, wearing your favourite pyjamas if you like.

    Bonuses – Welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, cashback offers, free spins, free bets, accumulator boosts, promotions, tournaments – the list goes on. The online casino has a range of bonuses and promotions you will never find at a brick-and-mortar casino.

    Variety of games – We’ve listed all the games you may find at an online casino, and the truth is, most online casino offer at least 1,000 games or more. That’s a variety you will never find at a real-life casino. Free games – Many of those games can be played for free, which allows you to find out whether you even like them and what the winning potential might be. That’s not an option at real casinos. Mobile casinos – Finally, almost all online casinos also have a mobile casino page that you can access from your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and play anywhere you like, whether in bed, in your bathtub (careful there!), out in a park or at a pub or whilst waiting in line at the supermarket. Want to know more? Then check out our pages, reviews, tips and tricks and let us know, if you have any further questions!
    Casino poker allows you to play a range of different poker versions such as Caribbean Stud, Texas Hold’em, Casino Poker, Red Dog and many others in a more sophisticated setting against the computer. These games are often also available as live casino version, where you play against the dealer. Finally, and most excitingly, however, you can join poker networks at some online casinos and play real poker games virtually against online poker players from around the world. That’s where you can truly show off your skill and win massive tournaments if you are good enough!

    Other online casino games you will find at many but not all casinos are:

    Online Casino Games

    Now the only query that arises, why to choose online casinos or mobile casinos over the exemplary land-based casino. There are many reasons to play blackjack, roulette, and slots at an online casino or Mobile Casino using real money, as opposed to a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment. In this specific chunk, we’ll take a thorough look at some of these speculations, helping you on your odyssey to grow into an online casino and Mobile Casino Pro. The gambling industry sector is one of the most prominent sectors going by the name of the casino with enormous figures going around. Many investors and common people who have invested in this field have become instantaneously billionaires. Since technology has touched all the sectors of the economy virtually, it was gambling who wasn't never left behind. Presently we've lots of podiums whereby individuals can gamble online. This is a deviation to the preeminent gaming whereby gamblers had to visit the casinos palpably. This section outlines the preeminent reasons as to why many people gamble virtually.

    Casino Games Guides

    Online Casino : If you are a rookie in online gambling, you are probably wondering how to get started in an online casino, especially with the specific jargon that might not make any sense to you else scrutinizing some of the software or gambling requirements. What is paramount for you to perceive that no matter there were online casinos opened some decades ago, the industry is still considered very young. Yet, virtual gambling is already being revel in by millions of people worldwide, which makes its acclaim constantly growing.

    Mobile Casino:A Mobile casino is one of the most popular gambling solutions which allows you to play games on your phone and get quick access to your favorite casino games. Since Mobile casinos were the latest version of Digital Casinos that appeared on the web, many players got used to them very quickly. Even despite a big number of instant-play casinos available nowadays, Mobile casinos are becoming more and more popular, mainly thanks to all the bells and whistles Mobile casino offers. Of course, we will tell you all the advantages of playing in best Mobile casino in this article. Besides, downloading or installing a casino is not that fast and it is a much more simple process to play top casino games on your mobile phone. If you have never tried to do it, no worries! We will provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide on how to play on a mobile casino. On top of that, you will get access to our list of the best mobile casinos of all time. Mobile Casino: Many gamblers wondered how long virtual casinos would last when the first ones came out in the mid-1990s. Ultimately, why would people certitude their money with strangers located hundreds or even thousands of miles away? Nearly over two decades later, these demeanors have changed, and many people candidly trust online casinos with their hard-earned wages. This has helped online gambling, also called online casino, grow into a hefty paradox today. But the surge of best online casino real money games is because of far more reasons than just people having tenacity in the depositing process. Indeed, Mobile Casino games hold several leverages over conventional brick-and-mortar gambling. I’m going to confer all the major leverages of why online casino real money games are so prominent. I’ll also facade how each specific form of the digital casino (online casino, live dealer, Mobile Casino ) has outpaced land-based casino games.

    Live Dealer: Despite the best efforts of online casino to prove the fairness of their RNG (random number generator) games, skeptics will probably never be satisfied that game outcomes are truly fair and random. Digital live Online casinos and Mobile Casino and live dealer casino games are the innate evolution in proving victorious over the cynic and providing a heighten online gaming experience. As cyberspace connection(internet) pace up and live streaming technologies advance, so too does the quality of games develop by the leading platforms in this niche. Real dealers dealing real cards and launching real balls in live streaming videos is the most contagious thing you can get to a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ casino experience while playing online. Playing blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker or sic bo for online casino real money; with the alacrity scrutinize on high definition real-time video streamed to your PC or handheld devices.

    Reasons why people gamble online or on their mobile devices

    In the busy schedule people doesn’t get chance to ground way at Casino so they are looking for online casino game. The rise in popularity and use of smart phone has lead to more and more gamblers to gather online. Gamblers find it quite easy to play online game on their mobile device as it don’t require energy and can be played anywhere and anytime. Some of the main reasons why people gamble online nowadays on their smartphones are shown below!

    Convenience of playing:While there isn’t any denying of playing at brick-and-mortar casino is great, there are no. of times while playing at an online or mobile casino sometimes prove to be a more convenient option. Not only online casino and mobile casinos are open 24/7 enabling people to play at any time that suits them rather than waiting for predetermined opening time, but they’re also very accessible via smartphones and tablets, making them easy to access on the go – great news for busy gamers right?

    Ease of dress code: While some casinos encourage their players to dress in smart clothes – black shoes, trousers etc. – the same can’t be said for online casino or mobile casino. Being reachable 24hrs a day, seven days a week, at Lucky Casino India we groove on that at times you may well like to play roulette in your work clothes, or blackjack in your loungewear, for example. Whatsoever you caste to wear during your time with us is utterly up to you – as long as you’re having fun, that’s all matters!

    Variety of choices: Whether you’re into playing the latest slot machine games, trying your hand at blackjack or giving the roulette wheel a spin, you’ll love the range of games on offer at Lucky Casino India. Unlike regular casinos, where you’ll be limited to more traditional options, here you’ll find everything from interactive video slots to contemporary roulette and blackjack variations – perfect for those looking for something a little more unique.

    Free Games: Ever tried wandering into a traditional casino and asking if you could play blackjack, roulette or slots for free? We wouldn’t recommend it, as you’d most likely be laughed out of the place! Admiringly, here at Lucky Casino India, we’re a little more gratifying when it comes to players that want to play for free. Not only is Lucky Casino India free to join, but there are also free discrepancies of all your favorite games available. Great news if you’re short on cash but still fancy a game. To play for free and check the games before you spend your money, all you need to do is access your elect of game in demo or free play mode in the online casino and mobile casino s reviewed here. Then, when you’re ready, log in or for an account and play for real money.