8 Best Roulette Winning Strategy & Where to Play

best roulette strategy to win

8 Best Roulette Winning Strategy & Where to Play

The roulette game is popular because of the large number of different bets that can be placed in the game. The bets have varied odds and accordingly varied pay-outs. This available variety has made the players look for a roulette strategy to win the game and over the years, they have come up with some strategies. Just like all gambling strategies, the probability of each being a success varies. You can play the game using a strategy of your choice on any online casino of your choice. A casino that does not have a roulette is not really a casino.

Types of Roulette Strategies to Win at Roulette 

The strategies that people have devised fall under two broad categories 

Progressive Betting 

Some strategies to improve your chances of winning at the game of roulette involve a process where bets are increased after every round based on the results of the previous one i.e. the bets keep progressing from one amount to another.

Non-Progressive Betting 

In this kind of bets, the amount wagered remains consistent or can be changed as per the player’s wish. This also depends on how the game is progressing and what results have been produced in the previous rounds. 

Famous Roulette Strategy Systems 

The Martingale System

This a progressive roulette strategy where the players should double their bet, every time they lose. It is popular among new players for its straightforwardness but is risky. If you have lots of money to splurge, you can go for this one. It is best used on the outside bets and helps you to cover any losses you make.

The Paroli System

Also known as the Reverse Martingale, this suggests that the players double their bet after every win. You stop doubling and go back to the original bet once you win three spins in a row or lose a spin. This helps in growing the bankroll. It is considered safer than Martingale.

James Bond Strategy

Devised by Ian Fleming and popularised by James Bond, the strategy requires the players to start big and split their money over three bets, covering most of the board, thus increasing the chances of winning. In case of a loss, the Martingale system is applied till losses are recovered. This strategy must be used when you are ready with a massive bankroll.

Fibonacci Strategy

This is also a progressive strategy where the bets are not doubled after a loss but are increased to the sum of the previous 2 bets (as per the Fibonacci sequence of numbers). After every win, the players go back to the original bet from 2 rounds ago. The progression of bets is thus slower and the players can last longer in the game. 

D’Alembert Strategy

 A relatively low-risk strategy, this is also best implemented with outside bets. In this method, the bets are changed after every move – decrease after a win and increase after a loss. This strategy must be adopted by someone who has lots of patience. 

Labouchere Strategy

This is a goal-oriented strategy where the amount you wish to win is your goal. This goal is divided into smaller sub-goals and aim towards winning each of those. Noting down the goals on paper helps. If the amount is won, it gets crossed off the list; if not, it gets added to the end of the list to be won at a later stage.

Oscar’s Grind

In this system, you start with one unit on an outside bet. If you lose, you place a bet of the same size. If you win, increase the bet by one unit. This progression will lead you to an accumulated profit of one unit in the long run. Not a very popular of favoured strategy!

Andrucci System

Most progressive strategies are suitable for outside bets. With non-progressive strategies, you can play the bets with higher pay-outs. You play different numbers with a consistent bet. These numbers are predicted based on the results of past spins. If you win, the pay-out is good enough to keep you going for some time.

Does 100% Working Strategy Exist?

No, it does not and there never will be one. You can improve your chances of winning, but you cannot assure yourself a 100% success using any best roulette strategy. Casinos run a business and they cannot possibly survive by housing a game that can be beaten easily by players. Moreover, the game of roulette is pure luck and there is no real strategy for being lucky in life. Either you are lucky or you simply aren’t.