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Why Slot Games Are the Best in Online Casino?

Where to play Slots

Why Slot Games Are the Best in Online Casino?

Slot games have been around ever since land-based casinos came into existence. The advent of the internet has taken these games online. The popularity of online slots is as high as its offline counterpart. Slot machines, also called fruit machines, fruities, pokies, online slots, video slots and many other names, are absolutely fun to play. If you are new to casino gaming and have been wondering what are slot games in casino portals, read on to find out.

What Are Slots Games in Casino?

A slot game is a game of chance in online casinos. The virtual slot machine features a set of reels that are filled with various kinds of symbols depending on the theme of the slot game. As the game begins, you need to trigger a virtual lever that will make the reels of the slot machine spin around and finally, it will stop at a particular symbol. The winning amount is calculated depending on the symbol where it stops.

Why Choose Slots: Benefits of Playing Slots Online

The online slot games come with a host of benefits. These benefits give you enough reasons to justify why slot games are the best in online casinos.

  • Slots are amongst the easiest casino games to play. This is a great benefit of playing slots for beginners who have no idea of the rules of most skill-based casino games. All that you need to do is trigger a virtual lever. It will make the reel spin. Wait for it to stop at a specific symbol based on which your pay-out is decided.  
  • Many casino portals conduct exciting slot tournaments with high odds of winning huge payouts. There are jackpot slots and progressive jackpots that can amplify your pay-outs incredibly in case of a win. This is another advantage for players.
  • You have access to a vast collection of various slot games online. From the classic 3-reel slot game to progressive slots, you have innumerable choices to make. Under each slot type, there are different themes. So, irrespective of what your individual taste is, you are likely to find some slot game of your interest.
  • When playing online slots, you can also benefit from a higher pay-out percentage in the range of 92-97% as online casinos have fewer overheads. This is highly beneficial to the players. 

Where to Play Slots Online?

With a simple Google search, you are likely to come across hundreds of casino portals that offer online slot games to play. However, not all of these are safe to register and play. Several scam sites try to deceive the players. You need to choose a reliable and authorised casino portal after thorough research. At, we have listed the safest sites to register on. Check out our listing to know where to play slots online. 

Whether you want to play online slots for free or for real money, you are sure to have a thrilling experience, and you will soon realise that it is a worthwhile pastime.

Where to Play Teen Patti Online for Real Cash?

online teen patti real cash

Where to Play Teen Patti Online for Real Cash?

Teen Patti is a hot favourite across the Indian subcontinent. It is popularly referred to as Flush, Flash or Indian Poker (because it has many similarities with Poker). Many Indian families indulge in their love of the game during the festive season of Diwali. But, there are some who are interested in playing the game all year round. It is but natural for the players to move to online casinos to play Teen Patti with real cash!   

How Is Teen Patti Game Played Online? 

The only difference between the online and offline game is that the players are not seated across each other. Instead, each one logs in to their registered account from their mobile app or laptop and then joins the game. You will need an invitation from the host to join a private game. The other option is to play with strangers. 

Once you have entered the game, you have the following two options: 

a) Play Teen Patti with Free Credits 

Register with an online casino and get free credits as a bonus. You can use this free money to make some real money! Some casinos also give bonuses and cashbacks, and you should stay updated on these to take advantage. 

b) Play Teen Patti with Real Money 

Once your free credits are over or withdrawn, you can also add money to your online casino account. Casinos typically give the option of transferring money directly from your bank account, or from a debit or credit card. Some even encourage plays with Bitcoins, you need to study the options at the site. 

Where Can You Play Teen Patti? 

Well, has a list of the best sites where you can indulge the love of your game. You have the option of playing with virtual money as well as real money at different casinos. 

Bonus Tips on Playing Teen Patti With Real Cash Online

When you play 3 Patti online and real money is at stake, it is but natural that you should have a strategy in place. Here are a few quick tips: 

  • Most professional players advise never to place the first bet and stretch out the blind as long as you can. 
  • Since this is an online game, you do not need to keep the ‘poker face’. However, avoid using emojis to express joy or unhappiness, until and unless you are in a fun game with family and friends. 
  • Always set aside the amount for a game, and when you lose that amount, it is better to quit instead of continuing playing.

Remember, it is a three-card game and three aces are the top cards. Read our Teen Patti review and know more about Teen Patti rules and other information. Before you start playing Teen Patti for real money, it is always advisable to get acquainted with the game. Play free casino games with virtual money where you have nothing to lose. Once you have developed the confidence to play Teen Patti online, you can then shift to playing with real money.

What Is Satta Matka? Which Are the Best Satta Sites in India?

best matka site in india

What Is Satta Matka? Which Are the Best Satta Sites in India?

Satta Matka is a traditional Indian gambling game. You can judge the popularity of the game by the fact that betting against odds is often referred to as Satta. While many people might have heard of the game and are aware of its existence, not many know exactly ‘what is Satta Matka’. So, here we are discussing the game. 

Learn About Satta Matka 

Satta Matka Game originated in pre-independence India in the early 20th century. The format of the game is simple – numbers are drawn from a Matka. If your bet matches the number drawn, you win. It enjoyed a very large fan-following before restrictions were imposed on the game. The game of Satta was about betting odds against the New York Cotton Exchange’s rate of cotton. The format changed in the 1960s and various other markets were utilised for generating random numbers. The prices of random products replaced the cotton rates from NY Cotton Exchange. 

Over the years, the simple game has shifted from a pot to playing cards and more. 

Terms used in the game: 

You must familiarise yourself with certain conditions used in the game. 

  • Matka – The earthen pot from which the numbers used to be initially drawn gave the name to the game
  • ingle – A digit in the range of 0-9 
  • Jodi/Pair – A pair of two digits between 00-99
  • Patti/Panna – Three-digit betting result; only limited 3-digit numbers may e used
  • Open/Close results – The two parts of the result
  • SP/DP/TP – Single Patti (e.g.123/ Double Patti (e.g.112)/Triple Patti (e.g.111)
  • Cycle Patti – Last two digits of the Patti
  • Farak – The difference from close result to open result
  • Berji – Last digit of the jodi’s sum

Play on the Best Matka Indian sites     

Several websites publish the results of Satta Matka happening across the country but only a few that allow you to place your bets online. However, instead of betting on some random game, players can choose to participate in online Satta games offered y several gaming websites.  

Where to Play Satta Matka for Real Money? 

You can find a list of these on You can also find details of these websites and their reviews here to help you choose the best Satta Matka website in India. You can play the game for real money at these sites after you have registered yourself. You can read the reviews about the various sites, to know which ones you can put you trust with personal and financial details.  

Where to play Satta Matka for free credits and win real cash

Many of these websites offer free credits to their members for joining them or registering with them. You can use these free credits for generating wins in real cash and hence more money to play for a longer time for free.

To sum up

There are many Matka Indian sites where you can play Satta for virtual and real money. It is a centuries-old game offering the right mixture of excitement and fun. But, as a player you need to thoroughly understand the rules of the game and the betting odds, before you start playing.

What Are Slot Games and Where to Play Slots for Real Money?

slots for real money online

What Are Slot Games and Where to Play Slots for Real Money?

You have probably heard of slot games as being the most abundant in a casino, but you may not be sure what one looks like or does because you haven’t seen one. To understand what slot games are, you will need to imagine a set of at least three spinning wheels with different symbols on each slot. The three wheels are spun together and when they stop, the symbols on the front panels decide whether or not you have won a prize. If you want to keep it easy, just Google slot games and you can see many images and several options to play the game online.

About Slot Games 

Slots are one of the easiest games to play if you want to have fun and stand a chance to win a jackpot. These are highly popular in casinos – both offline and online and are present in the maximum variety possible. There are varied themes found across casinos of which some may be very special to you. 

There isn’t much that you need to know when you play the game. You have to decide how many lines you wish to play and what your bet per line is. Once that is decided, you spin the machine and all the wheels start spinning. After a while, they come to a stop and decide your reward. You can also check and confirm your reward through the pay-table available separately for each game. 

Every game has a different set of prize-winning lines, different bonuses and different special tiles. This makes every game enjoyable and exciting. 

Why Play Real Money Slots Online? 

When you play online slots, you have the option of playing with virtual money or real money. While you can play the slots with virtual money and just enjoy the gameplay, the thrill of winning real money in a jackpot is ultimate. This is possible when you play slots for real money. When you play for virtual money, you win virtual money and you can continue using it to play, but when you invest real money, that is what can get multiplied.

Where Can You Play Online Slots for Real Money?

You can find several websites for playing slots for real money online. The online casinos will have many other games apart from slots and you can choose whether or not you want to play those, but you must give online slot games a try. To start playing, you will need to register with the casino and make an initial deposit into the account. You could get a generous bonus for registering with the casino, which you can use initially to become familiar with the casino. If you are lucky, you may never have to touch your money to play online. You can find a complete list of legitimate and popular casinos that offer slots on You can also read reviews about these websites to help you choose the ideal casino for you. Once you have made your choice, go ahead and enjoy the game.

Indian Gambling Commandments You Should Know About

gambling in india

Indian Gambling Commandments You Should Know About

The laws regarding gambling in India state that gambling is illegal, but such activities are still carried out across the country – both offline and online. The reason why the activities are still alive lies in the commandments for gambling and the loopholes within. The laws regulating this kind of wagering are very old and have seen a few amendments in the last century.

1. Gambling Is Illegal Except for Betting on Sports Like Horse Racing, Lotteries and Skill Games

While the law allows betting on horses, it does not allow doing so on actual players in a sport. The Jackpot lottery is permitted only in some states because the states chose to retain them as a source of revenue. The definition of skill games versus games of chance is not very clear. People continue to gamble as they have been doing since ancient times and some create history by winning jackpots.

2. Casinos Are Permitted Only In a Few Locations

Casinos that house games like Poker, Rummy, Dream 11 betting and similar games are regulated by the respective state governments. Bracketed as games of skills, there is provision for these games to be considered legal. As per Indian casino gaming laws, only Goa, Sikkim and Daman operate land-based casinos, that too in 5-star hotels and off-shore locations.

3. Online Casinos Are Not Permitted in India

This does not apply to states that have permitted gambling as a legal activity and have provided Indian casino licenses to online casinos. All online casinos originating in India belong to these, mainly Sikkim. Online gambling is punishable in the state of Maharashtra

4. Online Activities, Including Gambling, Sports Betting and Casinos, Are Not Explicitly Illegal

As far as these categories are concerned, the rules do not specifically declare them as illegal. Players can access websites based out of other countries. Use e-wallets for payments and play these without the fear of being punished.

5. The Law Is Intended to Stop Organised Physical Gambling

Those targeted are the bookies, clubs and small-scale unregulated addas that encourage unethical gambling. Gambling for fun and not involving large amounts of money is not so much of a concern. The punishment for gambling is governed by old laws and is not strict enough.

6. Online Gambling Websites Can Be Legally Blocked

As per the IT Act of 2000, the Indian government can block certain websites and the ISP providers are given instructions to comply with the same. This does not seem to be very effective as many gambling websites are operational in India. Certain website operators do not provide services in India by blocking themselves out.

7. Payment Gateways

Making payments to online casinos is often restricted when you try to use your debit or credit card. This is the result of instructions from RBI to the banks forbidding them to process such transactions. Hence, users resort to e-wallets.

8. Your Income Must Be Taxed

When you pay a lottery, it is easy to track the winners and deduct tax. The same applies to Indian websites. Provisions need to be made to ensure that the online casinos are not used to avoid taxes and encourage money laundering. Legalising online casinos with stringent taxation laws can be the way forward.

The sole purpose of the gambling laws is to ensure that the citizens of the country do not get into a habit of gambling and avoid affecting the future of their family negatively. If gambling can be done responsibly, it can be legalised and all can play fearlessly.

How to Play Rummy Online?

how to play rummy online real money

How to Play Rummy Online?

Rummy has been an all-time favourite classic card game for several decades now. With this card game going online, its popularity has increased even more – you don’t have to wait for your friends or family members to join you for a game. You can find players at all times to give you company in this online card game. If you are new to playing this game, this article serves as a guide to help you understand how to play Rummy online.

Rummy Game Rules

The aim of the game is to meld the cards that you are originally dealt with into two kinds of combinations:

  • Sequences: Successive sequences of 3 or more cards belonging to the same suit
  • Sets: 3 or 4 cards belonging to the same rank but different suit

Each player will get his turn to play during which he can either pick the card discarded by the previous player or draw a card from the center pile. The first player to arrange all the cards into these combinations wins the game.

Here’s how to play Rummy game online by following the player rules and card rules:

Rummy Player Rules

Each player is dealt with a specific number of cards depending on the number of players in the game. After dealing out the cards, the dealer places the deck face-down on the table as the pile with one card placed face-up next to the pile to start the game. The player who is seated to the dealer’s left starts the game. 

  • The first player begins playing by picking the card that is placed face-up or by drawing a card from the pile. He should also discard a card that he doesn’t need. Once he discards a card, the next player gets his turn and this continues.
  • In this process, each player tries to arrange his cards into sequences and sets. Players can also use Joker or a wild card to form impure sequences and sets. 

The game goes on this way until a player melds all the cards into valid sequences and sets and declares it.

Rummy Card Rules

The card rules that you have to keep in mind while playing Rummy are listed below:

  • There are two kinds of sequences that you can form: Pure Sequence and Impure Sequence.
    1. Pure Sequence: This is a group of 3 or more successive cards belonging to the same suit. You cannot use a Joker or wild card in this sequence. Example: 4♥ 5♥ 6♥
    2. Impure Sequence: This is a group of 3 or more successive cards belonging to the same suit. You can use one or more Joker cards or wild cards in an impure sequence. Example: 7♦ 8♦ 2♠ 10♦ (in this sequence, 2♠ has been used as a wild card joker to replace 9♦); 3♠ 4♥ 5♠ PJ (in this sequence, 4♥ has been used as a wild card joker to replace 4♠ and Printed Joker is used to replace 6♠)
  • You can form sets using a group of 3 or more cards with the same value but different suits. You can use Jokers and wild cards in sets as well.

 Is It legal To Play Rummy Game in India?

It is completely legal to play Rummy online real money since this is a game of skill that is protected by the Indian Constitution. In the year 1968, the Supreme Court clearly mentioned that Rummy is a game of skill. However, a few states, including Telangana, Odisha and Assam don’t allow to play the game for real money.

Where to Play Rummy Online?

There are several legal online casino portals that allow players to play the Rummy game for free or real money.  However, you need to be careful to choose a genuine website that has all the security encryptions in place and is authorised by relevant authorities. You can find the top online Rummy sites listed on Now that you know how to play Rummy and where to play Rummy online real money, go ahead and enjoy the game.

How to Play Poker Online?

how to play poker online

How to Play Poker Online?

Poker is a very interesting casino game, where luck and skill play equally important roles to help you win the game. While getting good cards in the game is the part played by luck, a skillful player can win even with average cards. Very often, when friends cannot meet for a game and you wonder how to play poker, the online versions are a great way to get your dose of this exciting game.

About Poker

Poker is a popular casino game, one that is found on most online casinos as well. The cards on the table and the ones in hand together decide the winner of the game. You must know how to read the situation before moving on to the next stage of the game. The skill is in becoming adept at reading other people’s faces and nuances in their behavior while keeping your expressions from revealing your emotions to others. This is where the term “Poker Face” originates from. You can learn the technical aspects of how to play poker online here. The rest will come with practice.

Online Poker Rules

The rules of the game are fairly simple and it is the individual skill and understanding of cards that lead the game.

Card Rules

The game is decided by cards held by the players after the last card has been dealt. The players holding the best cards as per the following hierarchy for evaluation is the winner:

  • Royal Flush –Top 5 cards (AKQJ10) of the same suit
  • Straight Flush – Five cards of the same suit forming a sequence
  • Four of a kind – 4 cards of the same kind
  • Full House – Three cards of a kind + a pair
  • Flush – All five cards from the same suit
  • Straight – All five cards of any suit forming a sequence
  • Three of a kind – 3 cards of the same kind
  • Two Pairs – Two pairs in hand
  • One Pair – Two cards of the same kind
  • High Card – A is highest, 2 is the smallest

The suits also have a hierarchy to be considered in case of a tie.

Dealer Rules

The dealer burns (discards) the top card before dealing the cards to all the players in a clockwise direction for two rounds. Another card is discarded and the flop (three cards) is laid face-up on the table. For the next round, the ‘turn’ is placed next to the flop after burning one more card. The last card to be placed in the next round is the ‘river’.

Player Rules

Each player receives two cards that must be kept secret till the end of the game. The first bet is placed now. You can be the first to place a bet. You can also avoid being the first to place a bet by saying “check”. The options for other players are to “call and match” the previous bet, “Raise” the bet or “Fold”. After every round, the players must evaluate their cards in conjunction with those on the table and decide on their next move. After the final round, the players remaining in the game reveal their cards and the winner is decided based on the cards they hold.

Where to Play Poker Online?

There are a large number of websites that offer the option of playing poker online. While some of them are exclusively created for poker, there are others that offer a variety of games. For a complete list of poker sites in India with details and reviews, you can access You can get details for other popular casino games as well. Choose your website with a complete understanding of the pros and cons and enjoy the game with peace of mind.

How to Make the Best of Your Online Indian Casino Experience?

best india online casino

How to Make the Best of Your Online Indian Casino Experience?

The advent of online casino India portals has made it easier for casino gaming enthusiasts to get their daily dose of fun and entertainment from anywhere, anytime. If you want to make the best of your online Indian casino experience, there’s a lot that goes into every aspect.

Join us as we guide you through successful casino game tips that you should consider and things that you should avoid to enjoy your online casino experience.

Best Online Casino Tips You Should Consider

Listed below are the online casino best tips you should consider:

  • Choose an authorised casino portal. It should have security encryption protocols to safeguard personal and financial details.
  • Find out pay-out speed, pay-out percentage and collection of games on offer.
  • Don’t miss out on reading reviews from other players to understand how good the portal is. Genuine reviews will give an insight on sites to play on and the sites to avoid.  
  • Once you’ve selected a casino portal, it’s time to choose the right games to play.
  • Opt for games that have a low house edge so that the winning chances are in favour of players.
  • Start by playing the free trials of the game to develop your confidence before venturing to play with real money.
  • It might be tempting for you to play for huge jackpots, but know the limits of your experience and skills and play accordingly. Set your losing and winning limits and stick to your limits.  
  • Winning huge amounts can be very exciting and it might compel you to reinvest your winnings to win even more. However, there are chances that you could lose. So, rather than reinvesting, pocket your winnings.

Things You Should Avoid Doing to Enjoy Your Casino Experience

The above-discussed tips can help you narrow down on the right Indian online casino website and games. However, you need to avoid the below-mentioned things to enjoy your casino experience:

  • Ignoring the bonuses offered by online casinos. It is an opportunity you should not ignore. The most common bonuses are signup bonus, welcome bonus, loyalty bonus and Refer-a-friend bonus. Generally, there are certain terms and conditions associated with such bonuses. Know what these terms before staking a claim.

Chasing losses. Occasionally, you may find that you are on a downward spiralling path. Statistically, it will happen. At this time, you have to avoid the instinct to try and gain all

Blackjack Vs Baccarat – Which Has Better Odds?

blackjack vs baccarat

Blackjack Vs Baccarat – Which Has Better Odds?

Blackjack vs Baccarat

Both are highly popular casino games with various similarities and many key differences as well. Both are enjoyable and exciting, but the choice of which game to play depends on the preferences of a player once they know how the two games differ from each other.

Baccarat Vs. Blackjack Comparison 

Both games require the player to beat its opponent by getting a better hand. While in Blackjack, the best hand is one that has a total closer to 21 but not more, in Baccarat, the best total is 9. The points allotted to the cards remain the same for cards 2-9 i.e. their face values. The face cards are considered to have zero value in Baccarat as against 10 points in Blackjack. The ace has 1 point in both but can also be worth 11 points in Blackjack. The total score is straightforward in Blackjack, while in Baccarat only the 2nd digit of the total has any value. 

The betting options are quite different for the two games. While in Blackjack the player bets on himself getting a good score, in Baccarat, the bet is for the result of the game played between the banker and its opponent, where the three results of ‘player wins’, ‘banker wins’ or ‘tie’ are possible. 

In both games, the first hand dealt has only two cards in it. While in Blackjack, players can draw 1 or more cards depending on their situation, in Baccarat, both the player and the banker can take only one other card. 

Blackjack Vs. Baccarat Odds 

If one has to compare Blackjack vs Baccarat odds, both games have a low house edge – that is to say that the players do stand a fair chance of winning the game. Baccarat is a game of pure chance, while in Blackjack, the players have some control over the game. If the players adopt certain strategies, the casino odds can be manipulated. 

As per Baccarat statistics, the banker wins the hand 45.86% of the time while the players win 44.62% of the times. The balance 9.53% of the cases are a tie. The house edge on a tie bet is high at 14% and the minimum bet is high. The loss in such bets could be high, but so are the wins (8:1). In comparison, the pay-outs for the other two bets are somewhat even. 

When playing Blackjack, the bets are not as high and are more suited for those not playing with a hefty bankroll. In Blackjack, the players must learn the various moves and understand when each of them must be played. This is important because the game is heavily impacted by the move chosen by the player.

Which Game to Choose?

Both the games have their own pros and cons and the players must choose the game based on their capability and understanding of the game. Both games can make you rich or make you lose all that you have if you don’t play wise and learn when to back out. So, as a player, you must choose wisely and play wisely. Know more about Baccarat rules and Blackjack rules at

Best Roulette Tips by PRO Roulette Players

Roulette winning strategy that works

Best Roulette Tips by PRO Roulette Players

Roulette is a fun-filled game with a lot of excitement. However, it is a game of chance where the players’ decision doesn’t have much of an impact on losing or winning. A bet on a specific number or selecting a certain kind of bet can’t decide your success in this game as it does in poker or blackjack. However, there are a few betting strategies that are better than others. Understanding how to bet can increase your winning amount in the Roulette game in the long run.

Roulette Winning Strategy

There are a few Roulette strategies that work. Here are a few of the top strategies that pro players use.

Martingale Strategy

This is a simple strategy where every time you place a bet and then lose, you have to repeat the same bet with twice the money. If you plan to bet using this Roulette winning strategy, ensure that you start from the minimum possible bet. If not, you might end up placing bets of huge values after just a few spins, which might get too big for you to handle.

D’Alembert Strategy

The D’Alembert betting system is quite simple and is another roulette strategy that works. The core concept is more or less the same as the Martingale strategy, though with a key difference. The progression of bets in D’Alembert strategy is much flatter when compared to the aggressive doubling of bets in Martingale. This means it is one of the easiest and safest roulette strategies to execute.

Labouchere Strategy

Also referred to as the Split Martingale strategy or the cancellation system, this has a negative progression system where you bet till the time you reach a specific winning amount. Labouchere strategy works with even bets, which implies you can use to bet on Even/Odd, 1-18/19-36 and Red/Black. However, avoid using it on the inside bets as the numbers don’t add up.

Roulette Winning Formula

You might find a few websites listing a Roulette winning formula to assured success, but in reality, there’s no such formula. As discussed earlier, Roulette is a game of chance where you can only modify your betting strategies to increase your winning amount in the long term. Your best bet would be to get as close as possible to a perfect strategy. And progressive strategies like the ones discussed in the previous section are characterised by small wins frequently and some losses. Play with only what you can afford to lose and don’t chase your losses beyond that point.  

Extra Tips

Listed below are a few extra tips followed by pro players, which can help you make the most out of the game.

  • Take some time to understand the ins and outs of the game. There are several more betting options than just single bets, black and red, and odd and even bets. Pro players have reached the level where they are today only because they got to know the spins, the betting strategies and the wheel quite well.
  • Don’t start playing roulette for real money until and unless you understand the basics and play free trials till you get a good hang of it.
  • Start betting small amounts of money over a longer period of time as against placing larger bets on single bets. This also ensures proper bankroll management.

Your best hope with the game of roulette would be to get lucky to win, though the above strategies can help you to an extent. Play the game for fun and enjoy the exciting experience!

8 Best Roulette Winning Strategy & Where to Play

best roulette strategy to win

8 Best Roulette Winning Strategy & Where to Play

The roulette game is popular because of the large number of different bets that can be placed in the game. The bets have varied odds and accordingly varied pay-outs. This available variety has made the players look for a roulette strategy to win the game and over the years, they have come up with some strategies. Just like all gambling strategies, the probability of each being a success varies. You can play the game using a strategy of your choice on any online casino of your choice. A casino that does not have a roulette is not really a casino.

Types of Roulette Strategies to Win at Roulette 

The strategies that people have devised fall under two broad categories 

Progressive Betting 

Some strategies to improve your chances of winning at the game of roulette involve a process where bets are increased after every round based on the results of the previous one i.e. the bets keep progressing from one amount to another.

Non-Progressive Betting 

In this kind of bets, the amount wagered remains consistent or can be changed as per the player’s wish. This also depends on how the game is progressing and what results have been produced in the previous rounds. 

Famous Roulette Strategy Systems 

The Martingale System

This a progressive roulette strategy where the players should double their bet, every time they lose. It is popular among new players for its straightforwardness but is risky. If you have lots of money to splurge, you can go for this one. It is best used on the outside bets and helps you to cover any losses you make.

The Paroli System

Also known as the Reverse Martingale, this suggests that the players double their bet after every win. You stop doubling and go back to the original bet once you win three spins in a row or lose a spin. This helps in growing the bankroll. It is considered safer than Martingale.

James Bond Strategy

Devised by Ian Fleming and popularised by James Bond, the strategy requires the players to start big and split their money over three bets, covering most of the board, thus increasing the chances of winning. In case of a loss, the Martingale system is applied till losses are recovered. This strategy must be used when you are ready with a massive bankroll.

Fibonacci Strategy

This is also a progressive strategy where the bets are not doubled after a loss but are increased to the sum of the previous 2 bets (as per the Fibonacci sequence of numbers). After every win, the players go back to the original bet from 2 rounds ago. The progression of bets is thus slower and the players can last longer in the game. 

D’Alembert Strategy

 A relatively low-risk strategy, this is also best implemented with outside bets. In this method, the bets are changed after every move – decrease after a win and increase after a loss. This strategy must be adopted by someone who has lots of patience. 

Labouchere Strategy

This is a goal-oriented strategy where the amount you wish to win is your goal. This goal is divided into smaller sub-goals and aim towards winning each of those. Noting down the goals on paper helps. If the amount is won, it gets crossed off the list; if not, it gets added to the end of the list to be won at a later stage.

Oscar’s Grind

In this system, you start with one unit on an outside bet. If you lose, you place a bet of the same size. If you win, increase the bet by one unit. This progression will lead you to an accumulated profit of one unit in the long run. Not a very popular of favoured strategy!

Andrucci System

Most progressive strategies are suitable for outside bets. With non-progressive strategies, you can play the bets with higher pay-outs. You play different numbers with a consistent bet. These numbers are predicted based on the results of past spins. If you win, the pay-out is good enough to keep you going for some time.

Does 100% Working Strategy Exist?

No, it does not and there never will be one. You can improve your chances of winning, but you cannot assure yourself a 100% success using any best roulette strategy. Casinos run a business and they cannot possibly survive by housing a game that can be beaten easily by players. Moreover, the game of roulette is pure luck and there is no real strategy for being lucky in life. Either you are lucky or you simply aren’t.

8 Tips on How to Win at Teen Patti Online

how to win teen patti online

8 Tips on How to Win at Teen Patti Online

Teen Patti online is a fun and popular game in India. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the game has a tremendous following online. In this blog, we answer your queries with ‘how to win in 3 patti’ by sharing with you the major tips of the game. Though luck factor plays a significant role in this game, with these tips, you can increase your chances of winning. 

1. Play for Free Until You Master the Strategies

Play the free Teen Patti games online! It will allow you to become familiar with how the game is played and the strategies you can adopt to increase your chance of winning. Once comfortable, shift to playing with real money. 

2. Start with Low-Value Bets

Ensure that you always begin with small-value bets. Once you gain confidence, you can gradually increase the betting amount, or when you know the cards are good. Even if you have got good cards, don’t start with a big bet. A big bet right at the beginning is likely to make players with weak cards fold immediately and you are likely to miss out on a good pot amount.  

3. Be Confident

You must sound like an expert to your opponents, so only join the games where the stakes are comfortable for you. Joining a low-stake game or high-stake game is a choice. But, once join a game, play with confidence. If you feel you are losing your confidence, withdraw from the game as soon as you can. 

4. Avoid playing big risks

The game is not all about the cards you hold. It can also be about making the other players feel that you have higher cards. So, if the highest card dealt is a king, and the other players have placed a bet, you should fold. The risk is higher.  

5. Study Your Opponents

You can study the emotions of your opponents in an offline game. In most online games, you cannot see the other players. What you can do is study their playing pattern. Does player A bet big when playing with low cards? Or does he place bets only when he has cards that can help him win? Knowing the strategies adopted by each player will give you an insight on how to plan your moves. 

6. Play Blind Cautiously

Playing blind is one of the most enthralling parts of the Teen Patti online game. It means you are playing without seeing your cards. Many new players go the extreme way – either they pick up the cards in the first round, or they keep playing blind even when the other players are betting after seeing their cards. Knowing the strategies adopted by the other players can help you decide if you should continue playing blind or stop. 

7. Play Bluff

Playing bluff with weak cards is an interesting strategy used by many expert Teen Patti players. However, you should not give out an indication of your weak cards. Just confuse others to such an extent that they pack or fold.

8. Make Use of Sideshow

If you are not confident about your cards, request for a sideshow from the previous player. Whoever has a better hand between you two continues to play, while the other exits. In many variations of the game, experienced players use this strategy to force players with better hands to fold. However, excessive use of this strategy will show that you lack the confidence and knowledge to play the game.  

While the cards you are dealt with depend on chance, how you use those cards to get secure a win is entirely up to you. You should follow the above tips, whether you are playing with virtual or real money!

4 Baccarat Trends For Online Baccarat

baccarat secret pattern and strategy

4 Baccarat Trends for Online Baccarat

Applying winning strategies in casino games is not something new. Both offline and online casinos adopt the practice All seasoned players will vouch for the use of strategy to increase their winning potential. The game of Baccarat is not an exception to this rule. When we discuss the Baccarat secret pattern to winning in this fast-paced game, the most recommended approach is to follow the popular trends. Discussed below are the four trends followed in online Baccarat.

Zigzag Zone

The Baccarat trend gets its name as the outcome predominantly follows a zigzag zone. Zigzag here indicates the changes between the bankers and the players in the first and second line. Occasionally, these outcomes do break out of the zone and form player and banker streaks, though these streaks don’t last. So, if the detour is momentary, the zigzag zone trend dominates the game.

Streaky Bankers and Players

Streaky Bankers and Players is a common trend that is observed on the Baccarat table. The outcomes in this trend are streaky for the bankers and the players. The initial two lines will also display outcomes, but this is usually a brief incidence. Experts recommend focusing from the third line. The initial two are regarded to be transitory blips that set up the streak.

Trend Switch Treatment

The trend switch treatment is completely different when compared to the previous two trends discussed here because it poses a challenge to the conclusion that you would have come to depending on your analysis. This Baccarat strategy is all about how you modify your wagering to safeguard your bankroll. The other trick here is to shift to a different table in the hope of identifying a trend that suits you. It is important to realise that the trick in winning this game needs you to appreciate both the rewards and risks. There’s no straight path to success.  

Hovering State

The hovering state is a situation where there’s no specific trend. In the above-discussed three trends, the trend is evident in the path of the streak. However, this fourth trend doesn’t have any direction as such. In simple words, the outcomes will not help you decide the streak to follow, whether to support the player or banker. However, it is a great way to play in defence to safeguard your bankroll and the best defence is to implement ‘stop losses’.

Increase your chances of winning at Baccarat

These are the four important Baccarat trends. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you have to look out for the trends so that you can increase your chances of winning. Before you place your stake, you will want to be sure that a trend has started. Once you realise it has, just place your stakes by following the rules of the identified trend. Play Baccarat for free to understand and practise applying these trends and once you understand how to consistently win at Baccarat, play for real money.  

In the end, when you follow the prevailing trends and execute them correctly, it gets possible to achieve steady success in online Baccarat.

What Is Blackjack? How to Win & Where to Play for Real Money?


What Is Blackjack? How to Win & Where to Play for Real Money?

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. By this virtue, it enjoys the same position in the online casinos as well. The key reason for its popularity is the low house edge, which gives the players a good opportunity to improve their chances of winning against the house.


Blackjack is played between the player and the dealer. As the player, your aim is to win by getting a better hand. The winning hand is one that is closest to a total of 21 but not more. The value of the hand is calculated using a point system where all face cards and 10 are given 10 points, cards from 2-9 are taken at the face value and ace may be taken as 1 or 11 to give the best total for the hand.

Initially, the player and the dealer are dealt 2 cards. Your cards are face up while only one of the dealer’s cards is known.  At this stage, you would win in the following scenarios:

  • You draw a 21 (or Blackjack) in the original hand when the dealer fails to do so. If both have a blackjack, it is a tie.
  • The dealer has a hand greater than 21.

If the above scenario is not applicable, you must decide on your next move and choose one of the following:

  • Surrender – Give up the game and lose the wagered money.
  • Stand – Continue to play with existing cards.
  • Hit – Ask for another card. You can continue to do so until you are ready to stand.
  • Split – Split the hand into two and play them as two individual hands.
  • Double down – Double the wager for just one more card.

When it is the dealer’s turn, he must reveal his cards and if the total is less than 17, he must hit until he gets a total of 17 and then stand. The hands are then evaluated and the winner is declared.

Blackjack Strategy – How to Win at Blackjack?

The key is to know how to win Blackjack and know the right move when you have the right cards. There are Blackjack strategy charts available to help you learn the right moves for the combination of cards you hold.

Some popular strategies used are:

Martingale System

You can use this strategy when your bankroll is large enough to survive losses because you must double your bet every time you lose. You may not survive for long when using this strategy, but if you do, you could win a decent amount. The best move would be to stop when you win.

1-3-2-6 Blackjack Betting

This is a good Blackjack winning strategy to use when you have lesser money to lose. The numbers indicate your bets in a unit as you continue to win. You cut down on the bet in case of a loss. This helps to save yourself from losing all of your money in one go.

Where to Play Blackjack for Real Money?

One question that players often have is – ‘where can I play blackjack online for real money?’ Well, there are plenty of websites where you can play the game for fun, but if you are a serious player and want to play for real money, you can check out the casinos that offer the game. You can find the list available here.

Where to Play Blackjack for Free Credits and Win Real Money?

When you play online Blackjack, real money is required to be deposited. Some casinos also let you do so for free credits that you can collect as a bonus from the website just for registering with them. You can find this list here.

What Is Teer Shillong & How It Is Played? – Dream Numbers & Common Numbers

Teer Shillong

What Is Teer Shillong & How It Is Played? – Dream Numbers & Common Numbers

Teer is the Hindi word for arrow and is a key component in the sport of archery. In Meghalaya, the arrow is not associated just with the sport of archery. Rather, it is closely associated with another very popular game related to archery but not in a conventional way. 

Teer Shillong

The people of the Khasi tribe have been practising the traditional sport of archery for centuries. At some point in time in the early 20th century, people took to betting on the game. In the 1970s, the betting was banned and the counters conducting and promoting the games were raided and shut down. When the state of Meghalaya was formed, they saw an opportunity for state revenue in the Shillong Teer game and legalised betting on archery. It was then controlled by the state under the Meghalaya Amusement and Betting Tax Act. 

How Is Teer Shillong Played? 

Learning how to play Teer Shillong is easy. It is a game with simple rules that is played daily in Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. Every day, at a fixed time, 50 archers shoot 30 arrows each at the traditional targets made out of cane and placed at a distance of 50 yards for the first round at 3.30 p.m. The next round consists of 20 arrows each shot at 4.30 p.m. Not all the arrows are likely to hit the target. The total number of arrows that hit the targets is the total score that is the basis of the game. 

The participants choose a number from 00 to 99 to bet on. This number must match with the last two digits of the final score in round 1 and round 2. The players can also bet on the numbers through the online casinos. They can play the game on selected casino portals, which are associated with the game.

What Are Dream Numbers in Shillong Teer?

In Meghalaya, people associate their dreams with certain numbers and these are also applied to the game. Some examples of the Shillong Teer dreams number associated are the number 6 with a male, number 5 with a female, 37 with a fight between a man and a woman and number 17 with an erotic dream. The tickets are sold between 10 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. when many choose their numbers from 1 to 99 based on their dreams the previous night.

You can also use a Shillong Teer common number as your bet. These are obtained by studying the results of the previous months. The Shillong common number is not fixed and changes based on past results.

Deciding the Winner

The game sees two results per day, one for each of the rounds. For every rupee wagered in the first round, the winners can win INR 80, while for the second round, the amount is reduced to INR 60. For predicting both numbers accurately, the players can win up to INR 4000 per rupee wagered.

Other than being a source of revenue to the state government, the Teer Shillong game is also a source of income of the archers, the ticket sellers, online casino portals and even those involved in the manufacture of the bows, arrows and targets.