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One thing is learning to play baccarat, but it’s quite something else to know the roads of baccarat. While games such as roulette have simple statistics that display the latest winning numbers and percentages between various types of bets, baccarat routes take it to a completely different stage. The baccarat roads, part fact, part theory, and part superstition, are guaranteed to improve your baccarat experience!


You may have found that grids cover much of the player interface if you’ve ever played baccarat. In various colors, the grids are full of different circles, dots, and lines. Yeah, at first glance, we know they look super complicated, but the reality is that there is a lot of knowledge to be gathered from these numbers!



Roads and numbers are bound to break the crowd in games like baccarat. On the one hand, you will have those who say that baccarat is a game of chance, so each new hand will be totally impartial to the other. In the other hand, there are those who love to foresee their next bet and schedule it. This article is for certain individuals.



With just one kind of road view, ardent baccarat players are not satisfied; they want various ways of looking at the game to spot trends and possibilities. This is why while playing baccarat online, you can see distinct setups of road views. While Big Road, Big Eye Boy, Tiny Road, and Cockroach Pig all have their unique take on the game, the Bead Plate is the most used.


The Bead Plate, or Baby Pig Road, is also known as the Bead Plate Road. The Bead Plate, beginning from the upper leftmost corner, is read from top to bottom. Depending on your choice, this view will display letters (B, P, T) or numbers (0-9) in circles. If we contrast these statistics with other table games, it is the one that most closely resembles “standard” statistics. In the picture above, you can see that for the first six hands, the Banker won, then the Player, followed by a Banker win, a Banker win, with a Player Pair, Banker, and Player.


The largest of the four roads shown here is typically the Big One. The Big Road illustrates what the Bead Plate displays, but the stats are seen from left to right here, and there is no hope of seeing the importance of the winning hand. Looking at an example, we can see that once the banker won, then once the player won, then three times the banker won, then twice the player won. While the Bead Plate displays a simplified version of the history of the game, the Big Road makes patterns easier to identify. 

As they do for the Bead Plate, the circles and dots work in the same way. Red circles are wins for bankers, red dots are pairs for bankers, blue circles are wins for teams, and blue dots are pairs for players. 

In the ties, the key difference is seen, as a Tie win would not get a row of its own. Ties are shown using a green diagonal line instead.


Big Eye Boy looks like Big Lane, but nothing like that works. Okay, we’re not going to lie; here’s where it gets interesting. If you haven’t had Tzinga yet, now is the time for sure. You’ll need to forget what you have heard about the Big Road and Bead Plate colors to understand the Big Eye Kid. But to understand Big Eye Boy, you still have to read the Big Path. Uh? Confused? Nice, let’s move ahead.



The Big Eye Boy is all about patterns, repeated or non-repetitive patterns in particular. Avid baccarat players claim that the secret to success lies in anticipating the next move, and a major part of that key is knowing whether the deck is repetitive or not. The red circle means a shoe that is repetitive, while the blue circle suggests that the shoe is more chaotic. 



After the first hand, in the second column on the Big Lane, the Big Eye Boy will start entering data into its grid from the first hand. Simply saving space is the explanation for two vertical rows of circles being attached to the same grid. In principle, Big Eye Boy doesn’t need a grid.

You’ll have to compare the first and second columns of the road if that hand makes a new column on the Big Road. A red circle is attached to the Big Eye Boy if they consist of the same number of circles. Where they are not similar, a blue circle is inserted. 

If the hand is added to the second column instead of making a new one, the cell to the left of the new entry on the grid and the cell above the left cell will decide what will determine the color of the next circle. It’s a red circle, if these two are similar. It’s blue if not.


Small Road, a slight Big Eye Boy variation. Small Road is the same as Big Eye Boy. The difference is that the column to the left of the present one on the Major Road will be skipped. Small Road entries will begin after the third column of the Big Road has been entered for the first time.



If you have the hang of reading Big Eye Boy, you’re going to read Small Road all right. The rule here is to pretend that there isn’t a column on the Major Road immediately to the left of the present one. In other words, follow Big Eye Boy’s moves, but either compare the first and third columns, or compare the left side of the second cell with the one above that one.


The Cockroach Pig is also a Big Eye Boy variation. We have the last baccarat road form, also known as the Cockroach Pig, when playing off the Small Road. The entry for this “road” starts after the first entry for the fourth column of the Big Road has been made. 


“The root of the “Cockroach Pig” name 

‘Cockroach’ is believed to be based on the Cantonese word kat tsat lo, which translates to Xuntong Lane. The simplified “Cockroach” stems from both Cantonese and Mandarin-speaking players recognizing it while being close to the pronunciation of Cantonese. “Pig,” on the other hand, is as clear as a fragment of a direct translation from a Chinese road name.



You’ll pretend here, as with the Small Route, that columns two and three do not exist. Only follow the same strategy as the Big Eye Boy while reading, imagine that there are not the two columns to the left of the present one, and you’re good to go!


You’ll find that six cells deep are the grids displayed in the interface (from top to bottom). If one side wins exceeding the number of vertical cells are lined up by the Big Path, the next equivalent win will be put to the right of the bottom cell and proceed horizontally. It is known as the Tail of the Dragon. If a Dragon Tail occurs and you read the Big Eye Kid, you’re going to have to pretend that the Big Path is infinitely deep and that the “tail” is actually going upright below what’s visible on the screen.


If you feel that all these roads are too difficult, the two buttons labelled P? can be used. Hey, and B? Over Major Lane, in the upper right-hand corner. These are found at Evolution Gaming baccarat tables, and they are prediction buttons that will show, based on the statistics and entries of all roads combined, what would be the next winning hand. This is what some call stealing, some call a blessing. Whether you want to use them or not, it is up to you to say.



Some baccarat players swear by the routes of baccarat, while others do well without even looking at it and having fun. The reality is, even without the use of paths, baccarat is an incredibly exciting game. 

Therefore, when you want to develop your gameplay further and dive deeper into the mesmerizing world of baccarat, we suggest that you use baccarat routes. In the end, no other casino game provides such intricate data as baccarat, so baccarat and its roads are your secret to success if you are looking for suspense, forecasts, and trends.