Blackjack Vs Baccarat – Which Has Better Odds?

blackjack vs baccarat

Blackjack Vs Baccarat – Which Has Better Odds?

Blackjack vs Baccarat

Both are highly popular casino games with various similarities and many key differences as well. Both are enjoyable and exciting, but the choice of which game to play depends on the preferences of a player once they know how the two games differ from each other.

Baccarat Vs. Blackjack Comparison 

Both games require the player to beat its opponent by getting a better hand. While in Blackjack, the best hand is one that has a total closer to 21 but not more, in Baccarat, the best total is 9. The points allotted to the cards remain the same for cards 2-9 i.e. their face values. The face cards are considered to have zero value in Baccarat as against 10 points in Blackjack. The ace has 1 point in both but can also be worth 11 points in Blackjack. The total score is straightforward in Blackjack, while in Baccarat only the 2nd digit of the total has any value. 

The betting options are quite different for the two games. While in Blackjack the player bets on himself getting a good score, in Baccarat, the bet is for the result of the game played between the banker and its opponent, where the three results of ‘player wins’, ‘banker wins’ or ‘tie’ are possible. 

In both games, the first hand dealt has only two cards in it. While in Blackjack, players can draw 1 or more cards depending on their situation, in Baccarat, both the player and the banker can take only one other card. 

Blackjack Vs. Baccarat Odds 

If one has to compare Blackjack vs Baccarat odds, both games have a low house edge – that is to say that the players do stand a fair chance of winning the game. Baccarat is a game of pure chance, while in Blackjack, the players have some control over the game. If the players adopt certain strategies, the casino odds can be manipulated. 

As per Baccarat statistics, the banker wins the hand 45.86% of the time while the players win 44.62% of the times. The balance 9.53% of the cases are a tie. The house edge on a tie bet is high at 14% and the minimum bet is high. The loss in such bets could be high, but so are the wins (8:1). In comparison, the pay-outs for the other two bets are somewhat even. 

When playing Blackjack, the bets are not as high and are more suited for those not playing with a hefty bankroll. In Blackjack, the players must learn the various moves and understand when each of them must be played. This is important because the game is heavily impacted by the move chosen by the player.

Which Game to Choose?

Both the games have their own pros and cons and the players must choose the game based on their capability and understanding of the game. Both games can make you rich or make you lose all that you have if you don’t play wise and learn when to back out. So, as a player, you must choose wisely and play wisely. Know more about Baccarat rules and Blackjack rules at