To practice Craps tactics, you need to know how to play Craps first. The fundamentals are important for using a tactic, since they make sure you understand what’s going on at the table. Yeah, you can still use a tactic arbitrarily without knowing the laws of Craps, but you may end up puzzled as to why you didn’t win your bet.



All the tactics we’re presenting here are winning craps strategies. But in the end, Craps is a luck-based game, so there is no guaranteed winning strategy available. What you get from these tactics are opportunities to maximize your winning odds in a strategic way by making precise bets.



The Craps Iron Cross strategy is based on the Pass Line bet, the Position bet and the Field bet. Iron Cross fits well if it’s 5, 6, or 8. The explanation is that this is the easiest setup. The consequence of using the Iron Cross is that you’re going to win a NUMBER but seven. Field bets are 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12, while your Position bets cover the missing two, and the Point (the Move bet) is the last figure.



This craps betting technique uses the Pass Line bet and the Come bet. The “purpose” of this strategy is to protect your Pass Line bet, as the Come bet is paid on 7 or 11 numbers on which the Pass Line bet will be lost after the Point has been formed. The Come bets should be played with the same bet as the Transfer Line bet. For eg, if you have a Pass Line unit with double odds behind it, that’s what each Point should have.



The name of this technique is a hint of how to play it. It is based on making a Pass Line bet and then betting on the inside Position bets (5, 6, 8, 9) to cover all of them. Obviously, if your Point is on an inside figure, there’s no need to position a bet there. The bet sum on these bets adds up to $22, thus the term.



Perhaps not a tactic as such, but playing Don’t Pass Line has its advantages. The house edge of these bets is smaller, which increases your odds of winning immediately. The explanation why more people don’t play these bets at brick-and-mortar casinos is because they win while everyone else loses. In short, it’s not going to lead your way to nice faces. But when you play Craps online, that’s not a concern, and you can play Don’t Pass Line in peace.



It’s more of a hint than a plan as such. But note, during the “come out roll” roll, the 7’s going to pay more money. Since you’re just looking to get a Point, practically, you’ve just got free casino money! Stack the money right at the top of your Pass Line gamble, and you’ve doubled it! If you win, you’re going to get a much bigger payoff, and if you lose, you’re just going to lose your own Pass Line bet from your bankroll, the other is all the money that came from the house and went back to the house. There’s no harm, no foul.



Craps is a game with a number of different bets, and none of these bets has a 50/50 probability of winning. Only if you put a few bets to cover your options, such as the tactics above, would you have a high probability of winning. The thing is; it’s not worth the payoff. But when you play Craps online, you’re not allowed to use the Martingale technique!



Using a Craps technique while you play online is a great next step in your gambling. The technique is going to make you see the Craps table in a different way, where you can act on winning opportunities and wow your gambling buddies! All in all, Craps tactics connect the simple knowledge of the game with the ability of Craps. In short, you’re going to be a Craps specialist.



The technique is not stealing, nor is it a shortcut to wealth. At the end of the day, you’re playing with your investment, and a moment of poor luck will always deplete your bankroll. Therefore, we highly recommend that you play responsibly. Either by using the software provided by the casino or by setting your own limits and budgets. In the end, the safest gambling tactic is to make sure you don’t play all the money away.



As for most casino tactics, we agree that the right approach is one that you can afford and appreciate. If your plan is difficult or takes too much of your bankroll, don’t use it! When we play live Craps online, we prefer to use the Iron Cross strategy any time the Point falls on the inside bet. Yet we have to confess that often we play on the dark side, just for fun.



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