How We Rate

How We Rate

How We Rate

Rating Casinos brands

Internet offers us an endless sea of information where hundreds of online casinos are offering their products and services, claiming they are the best. That makes it nearly impossible for the user to truly measure all pros and cons of particular product or service.

That was the driven power for use to create a website which compares the most important features and elements of each casino product, so you could make an informed decision, when opening an account. Our intention has always been to simplify the choice and make it a lot easier for you to pick the product or service that match your need at most.

Navigating through the huge variety of online casinos is not an easy thing. Of course, you might be familiar with some of the biggest names on the market, which is a great starting point, but how can you be sure that the best introduced and advertised brands are really the best ones to suit what you’ve been looking for? Usually, there are some serious differences between the brands, regarding their kay features, their terms and conditions, bonus offers terms etc.

We have a team of experienced reviewers, who constantly make market researches, test casinos, collect information, organize the received data and evaluate it.

There are several different aspects we take into consideration, when review and rate, including of course, our personal subjective evaluation and user experience. In the following lines you may find the elements on which we base our reviews and evaluations.

How our reviews are done

On first place, as we have mentioned already, we make full analysis on our own. We have a dedicated team, specialized in the reviewing of different gambling platforms. All of them have former experience as players and have seen everything when it comes to online casinos. Our team researches, evaluates, tests, and compares the key features of each brand, game, special offer and service before we put in on our site.

User experience and reputation of brands

User experience and the feedback based on it, are quite important to us, so we are considering them as one of the key aspects, when we rate products and services. That’s why we encourage the users of our site to comment, evaluate, share their opinion and experience with us. These feedbacks are helping us to evaluate the quality of the products and the brands popularity among the users.


Where possible and reasonable, we will take into consideration the offers of the different casinos for a similar service and will pick the best price for you.

Key Features

One of the main aspects which we take under consideration when we rate are of course, the key features of each products and service. We are taking a deep look into the features and elements which are essential for the different products and service types, together with the specific features if such, which the particular casino brand, product, services or bonus provides.

Rating and conversion rates

Data allows us to understand how our users feel about a particular service or product. We can measure the popularity of each casino by observing the number of users who visit it, as well as the conversion rate. The conversion rate shows how many users sign up with or deposit to a particular casino after visiting our site. In our rating, we take into consideration those conversion rates because on our opinion, it is an clear indication for product’s popularity and its value. For example, if a particular casino site is accessed by a significant number of users, or has a significant amount of registered users, we believe that clearly indicates for users satisfaction.