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Jackpot Lottery

Lotteries have been around for over 2,000 years. In its most basic principle, a lottery allocates prizes according to some sort of system based on numbers or raffle tickets to its participants. The stakes for the participants are usually very small but so are the odds, whereas the prizes or rewards involved can be very big indeed.

Lotteries are the most widely accepted and best-known form of gambling with a vast majority of adults having played a lottery ticket at least once in their lives. After all, even today the stakes are usually small, whilst jackpots can make our wildest dreams come true.

History of Lotteries

The earliest evidence of lotteries can be found in China, where archaeologists found games resembling today’s Keno, which is a form of lottery. 

We also have plenty of accounts from ancient Roman times, where private lotteries were held for fun for various prizes (including slaves) that participants could win. Such lotteries were often in the form of raffles. Even Emperor Augustus held a national lottery, which served to raise funds for repair works around the City of Rome. 

Indeed, in later centuries, kings and queens often held lotteries as a means to raise funds for various costly efforts such as war or big building projects. Thousands of people would pay a small fee for a lottery ticket and only a small number of those tickets would ultimately be drawn for a prize, whereas the remaining funds would go towards the intended cause.

Whilst often used by governments, lotteries sometimes suffered a bad reputation, resulting in the ban of them. This was particularly the case in very religious communities. Nowadays, however lotteries are the most widely accepted form of gambling, which many people engage in on a regular basis. The stakes continue to be small, though prizes can be massive. And almost all lotteries these days use a significant portion of their revenue for good causes.

How to play jackpot lottery games online

Jackpot lotteries are widely accessible online these days. Many of largest lotteries in the world can be played online. All you need is a computer or mobile device, an internet connection and a lottery site you trust.

Which lottery sites are trustworthy is something we tell you in our reviews of some of the most popular sites. So, before you go ahead and sign up somewhere, be sure to read the reviews to find out what easy site has to offer.

Signing up and playing is the easy part, however. This is how you register with your chosen lottery site:

  • Hit the sign-up or registration button
  • Enter your email address, password and select your country (and sometimes currency)
  • Add your personal details as required
  • Confirm! 

Next you can choose the lottery you wish to play:

  • Select your own numbers or use random quick pick numbers
  • Confirm your selection
  • Proceed to payment
  • Pay your ticket and wait for the results!

And if you were lucky, you then get to collect your winnings.


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Site & App specialized for India
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The best paying lottery games

Buy 2 lottery tickets
and Get Two Free

Site & App specialized for India
Accepts INR & fast withdrawals
The best paying lottery games

Buy 2 lottery tickets
and Get Two Free

Site & App specialized for India
Accepts INR & fast withdrawals
The best paying lottery games

Buy 2 lottery tickets
and Get Two Free

Site & App specialized for India
Accepts INR & fast withdrawals
The best paying lottery games

Jackpot Lottery – Deposit and Withdrawal


When you play lotteries online, you need a convenient way to fund your jackpot lottery account at your chosen lottery site. Our reviews generally cover which deposit and withdrawal methods are available, though every lottery site does offer that information for you.

Which payment methods are available is something you should be aware of in advance as you don’t want to sign up somewhere and find that there is no suitable deposit option available for you. 

Generally, these are your options:

  • Credit cards (Visa and MasterCard at the very least)
  • e-Wallets (Skrill and Neteller)
  • Prepaid (Paysafecard, AstroPay)
  • Instant banking
  • Bank transfer
  • Cryptocurrencies

The more deposit methods there are available, the likelier you will find something that suits your needs. Of course, you can always just create an e-Wallet as this tends to be a payment method widely accepted online, meaning you can use it for many other things besides.

Just as important is the availability of suitable withdrawal options. Often, lottery sites will automatically pay out your wins to the same account or e-Wallet you used for your deposits. That’s convenient but not always possible. For instance, prepaid options are only available for deposits but not for withdrawals.

Something else to keep in mind is your preferred currency. Some lottery sites will allow you to play in INR, but most lotteries are either played in Euro or US Dollar. If you should ever win one of those big lottery jackpots, you may even have to claim the jackpot prize in person, which means you’d get a check in that currency.

Types of Online Lottery Games

There are various kinds of games that are classified as lottery games. Most online lottery sites offer not just classic jackpot lotteries, but some of those other lottery games as well. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Classic Lotto

When speaking of lotteries, this is what most people have in mind: a selection of at least 5 or 6 numbers with 1 or 2 extra numbers that players get to choose themselves. With the Powerball lottery, for instance, you pick five numbers between 1 and 69 and one number between 1 and 26. Only if you selected all six numbers correctly, will you receive the jackpot. Getting some of the numbers correct will result in a lower tier prize.

Little Lottos

Little Lottos are not so different from the regular lottery games. Except, they are played on a smaller scale. The set of numbers to choose from is narrower (perhaps between 1 and 35 or some such) and you may only pick as many as 5 numbers in total. That significantly changes the odds involved as well, in your favour, of course, but prize tiers are also much smaller.

Little Lottos are played more locally (usually only statewide but not nationwide), thus by fewer people and more frequently as well (perhaps twice a week, sometimes even more often).

The Dailies

Finally, we get to daily lotteries, which are more like raffles. Games such as Pick 3 and Pick 4 require you to pick a 3-digit number between 000 and 999 (or, in case of Pick 4, a 4-digit number between 0001 and 9999).

Such lotteries are held at least once a day, sometimes up to three times a day. They are also played only within a state or region but not across the nation.

Stakes are very small in these lotteries and wins are also relatively small, but your odds are decent, and you can play much more frequently.

Instant Games

Instant Games promise instant wins. The most popular form of instant win games are scratch cards. Those can be obtained at local outlets in just about any number (or as many as the retailer has available). The price of a scratch card is dependent on the maximum jackpot win. The minimum win (unless you don’t win anything) is the price of the scratch card itself.

Usually, you get a win every three to five scratch cards, those are the odds given anyway. And it’s easy to play them as you just scratch off all the fields on the card and match symbols or numbers for a win. Smaller wins are paid out instantly by the retailer. Bigger wins have to be claimed from the organising body.

There are online version of scratch cards as well, which many lottery sites offer. They work according to the same principle, but you don’t physically scratch anything of a card. It happens virtually. It’s still fun, though.   

Is Jackpot Lottery game legal in India?

Whether you are legally allowed to play a lottery in India or not depends on the state you are in. Presently, 13 Indian states have regulated lottery games and all these states either run their own lotteries or even allow online lotteries.

Most Indian gambling laws are not specific to lotteries and few are applicable to online jackpot lotteries. But in 2015, the Supreme Court in India ruled that each state has the authority to allow or ban lotteries. Consequently, the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu both completely banned lotteries despite having run successful statewide lotteries.

Right now, the following states allow jackpot lotteries:

  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Assam
  • Goa
  • Kerala
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • Manipur
  • Meghalaya
  • Mizoram
  • Nagaland
  • Punjab
  • Sikkim
  • West Bengal

Kerala, by the way, is the state that still runs the oldest government lottery in India. They first launched the Kerala State Lottery in 1967 and it is still held once per week with Bumper lotteries held six times a year

Tips for online Jackpot Lottery

Naturally, you want to know how to increase your chances of winning the lottery jackpot. Online you will find tons of tips and lottery strategies, many seemingly guaranteeing you a win. They don’t necessarily tell you what win and winning the lowest tier in any lottery is not that difficult. Winning the jackpot, however, is near impossible. 

The probability of winning the EuroJackpot, for instance, is 1:95 million. That’s actually among the best odds you will see. The Powerball lottery jackpot? Here the odds are more like 1:292 million. 

Still, someone always wins, and every jackpot is won eventually. The dream can come true, for you as well. So, let’s look at a few handy tips that might improve your odds, even if only ever so slightly.

  • Buying more tickets and selecting more picks increases your chance at winning
  • Joining or forming a lottery syndicate also increases your chances (more players contribute towards buying more tickets). The downside is that the prizes get shared among all players.
  • Don’t pick consecutive numbers or patterns of numbers (such as 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, etc.)
  • Play smaller lotteries as there is often less competition

Ultimately, lottery is a game of pure chance. The numbers that are picked are random and every number has the same chance of being picked. Many lottery sites do publish statistics of the numbers that are picked, which can be interesting. Playing the numbers that are seemingly picked more often may increase your chance at winning the jackpot, though you may have to share it with others. Going against the trend and playing those numbers that are seemingly “cold” and rarely show up may increase your chance at winning the jackpot by yourself.

Many people play their birthdays, anniversaries and other numbers special to them. That’s okay as these numbers tend to be quite random. However, you do increase your chances at winning by also playing completely random numbers besides.


Types of Online Lottery Games

Daily new and different types of lottery games are popping up more and more frequently. But the basics still remains to stick to Lotto, Little Lottos, Dailies, Multi-State Games, and Instant Games. Some of the flash Games are consist of computer-generated tickets in comparison to scratch-off ticket lottery games, while the other lottery games are online games because of them.


In Lotto game, generally, six numbers are drawn from a range of numbers (such as 42, 46, 47, 49, 51, and 54). For instance take Michigan, it has a 6-out-of-47 game (6/47), meaning that six numbers are drawn from a possible 47. And the well known Florida’s Lotto is 6/53, meaning that six numbers are drawn from a possible 53.

Little Lottos

As we all know that most Little Lotto games have better odds and are played more often most of the time. The playing method is similar to that of Lotto, but the number of balls drawn and the playing fields are usually lower. For example, let’s take Florida’s Fantasy 5 (5/36), the player tries to correctly pick the five numbers drawn from a field of 36. In the Georgia Fantasy 5 game (5/39), you must correctly pick the five numbers drawn from a field of 39.

The Dailies

If you really want to try your luck every day or are just looking for better odds, then the Pick 3 and Pick 4 might be the games for you. In most of the estate, you can play them twice a day, six days a week, often once a day on Sundays. Pick 3 (also known as Cash 3), players choose any three-digit number from 000 to 999, and for Pick 4 (or Cash 4), any four-digit number from 0000 to 9999. These contain their own special play slips, offering several types of plays. The basic method plays in most states are exact order (straight), any order (box), exact/any (straight/box), or a combination. If we talk typically, the cost is exact order — 50 cents; any order — 50 cents; exact/any — Rs.71; and combination — Rs. 213 (since you are actually buying six exact plays).

Instant Games

Some of the commonly known Instant Games are also called “scratch-off” games, don’t involve picking numbers and may be purchased at any time. Several reasons are behind “scratch-offs” popularity. Firstly, the games are colorful and fun to play. Secondly, the player doesn’t need to pick numbers or fill out a play slip. And finally, there’s no waiting — just scratch off the spots.

Quick Picks

For that person who doesn’t wish to take time to select his own numbers, Quick Picks (computer-generated random numbers) is an easy option. Instead of filling a play slip, you simply tell the clerk you want a Quick Pick. The machine will then issue you a ticket with randomly generated figures.

Is Jackpot Lottery game legal in India?

Legal lotteries laws are different for each and every state within India. There are presently 13 states that allow lottery games, while the rest have banned them. There isn’t any national ban, but following a 2015 decision by the State Supreme Court of India, individual states take the decision whether to allow lotteries or not. Each and every state have the authority to control lottery games in their particular jurisdiction (not internationally) and ensure that all lottery draws that take place are run fairly and comply with the rules and regulations of that particular game.

Lotteries are very popular in the states where they are allowed. There are 13 Indian states that have their own lotteries are:
Arunachal Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
West Bengal
Hitherto, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu held successful lotteries, but now these states have banned the sale of lottery tickets.

Lotteries in Kerala State is the oldest government-run lottery in India and has been in operation since 1967. It overtures weekly games as well as Bumper Lotteries held six times a year. The Punjab State Lottery holds regular Bumper Lottery schemes throughout the year.

Tips for online Jackpot Lottery

  • To increase your probability of winning, you need to buy more tickets.
  • Form a lottery syndicate where you gather money from lottery players.
  • Don’t choose consecutive numbers.
  • Don’t choose a number that falls in the same number group or ending with a similar digit.
  • Look for more unpopular games played at odd times.
  • Better if you will play less popular lottery games with fewer players, so you will have less competition.
  • Some people tend to play lotto based from the numbers of their birthday, or the birthday of a family member.
  • Keep in mind that every number in the lottery has an equal probability of being chosen as the winning number.
  • Play the right games.

Whichever numbers and lotteries you end up playing, good luck!