Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda Game

If you have any ties with India or you are from this country, you must know how important traditions that are followed by people living here. We aren’t just only talking about food or religion or culture, we’re also talking about one of the few things which get us together as a country means “GAMES”. Now, there are many outdoor and indoor games and from the indoor ones, there are a few games which are played all over the country. One of them is the Jhandi Munda game. A street game like jhandi Munda game/jhandi Munda dice which is very popular in the country, majorly in the north-east of India as it had originated there.

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Variations of Jhandi Munda Game

Just like other popular card games like roulette online, baccarat, and blackjack, there aren’t multiple variations of Jhandi Munda. There are primarily 2 variations of this game with the same play style. The most prominent version which is played much like Sic Bo by placing the bet on the symbol coming up face-up for the most number of times. Another variant overtures a fixed return of 3.4 times of the bet regardless of how often the selected symbol appears face-up.
Nonetheless, mathematically the payout comes up is the same as in the game’s radical version i.e. three times bet for 3 symbols, 4 times the bet for 4 symbols. The expected value of a dice’s roll with numbers ranging between 1 and 6 is 3.5, calculated as (1+2+3+4+5+6) / 6 = 3.5.

On average, you will receive 3.4x the bet amount for each Rupee you wager. While playing this 6 faced dice game, you’ll get a return of x3.4 on receiving 1 or more face-up chosen symbols.

Jhandi Munda rules

The rules of the game are simple.

  • Jhandi Munda Game/Jhandi Munda Dice is a type of chance game in which is played with 6 dices and each dice have 6 symbols on them.
  • The players who are involved in the game, bet on which symbol will be appearing the most number of times, face-up in all the 6 dice in one roll.
  • There are six symbols which are present on each dice are heart, spade, face, diamond, club, and a flag.
  • If you think to choose and bet on the symbol of heart to be the face-up symbol in one roll and 2 hearts come face-up, you will receive the double amount of the bet money along with the initial bet you had placed.
  • However, this happens online. You won’t receive this type of payout when you are playing the game physically.

How to play Jhandi Munda game

So what is Jhandi Munda Game/Jhandi Munda Dice is an age-old game which started on the streets of Arunachal Pradesh, not many people might not know about this game. Hence, we at Seven Jackpots we’ve decided to include a section explaining the basics of the game.

In the following section, we’re willing to inform you about the legality of the game, the strategies you can use when it comes to playing the game online, the winning probability and finally give you an idea about the payout this game offers when played online or physically.

Jhandi Munda Dice

It is a type of game which is played with six dices with six symbols on each. It is a simple game and in order to play it, you start the game by betting on the symbol which appears the most number of times in one roll. Now, this game has become even more popular on the internet where you can play online Jhandi Munda for real money. But when you’re playing this game at an online casino, it is usually known as Crown and Anchor. Traditionally Jhandi Munda is a game played on the streets or played at home. It, not a game that one could imagine of being played online. But, as we all are well known about the popularity of this game is all over the country, online website operators had to bring it to the digital world where options are huge in number and the payout is bigger!

Jhandi Munda – Real Money vs. Free Games

Most online casinos that offer Jhandi Munda allow you to play the game for free or for real money.

Jhandi Munda – Free Games

Playing ‘demo’ or free plays online allows you to play the game just for the sheer fun of it. There is no need to bet any money. Playing for free also allows you to learn the game test or too out of different strategies before you choose to play with real money.

Jhandi Munda – Real Money

If you want to up the excitement levels and open the opportunity to make some winnings, you need to play for real money. When considering playing for real money, do look at our lists for licensed casinos.

Check out which online casinos offer payment methods most suitable for your needs. This often includes a selection of currency choices and a variety of popular banking methods. This can include –

  • credit cards
  • Neteller
  • Skrill EcoPayz
  • and many others.

Is Jhandi Munda legal in India?

There isn’t any official law mentioned in our country’s constitution about the legality of playing this game. This game completely depends on chances and in many states. However, as we know that it has originated from Arunachal Pradesh, the game is completely legal to be played there.

Jhandi Munda strategies

While such a simple game could be considered a game of chance, some strategies could be applied. These are similar to what you would use playing Blackjack or Roulette.

The concept of hot and cold numbers is one such strategy. In Jhandi Munda, a hot number is a symbol that shows up the most. Cold numbers are the symbols that appear the least.

A benefit of playing Jhandi Munda online is that these numbers, often up to 100, are displayed for your use. There’s no need to rely on memory.

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