Keno is a popular lottery-based gambling game that can be played on many keno websites, is a favourite choice for many avid, passionate punters who like the excitement of playing lotteries but don’t want to wait for it. 

In many respects, this casino game is very similar to the daily lottery, and yet it has remarkable differences that distinguish it from the other. However, online keno is thrilling enough to make the adrenaline rush to play with real money. 

Here, we’re going to tell you where you can play keno online, along with hints, rules, and more


At the heart of the matter, Keno involves gathering a lot of numbers from a table with numbers from 1 to 80. Your payout depends on how many of these numbers you select correctly: get them all right and your payout is going to be huge. Essentially, it’s like instant gambling, only the winning prize isn’t a giant number! But the reward chances are always amazing enough to give the online keno a chance! Simply put, playing online keno in India (or anywhere else) involves choosing 1 to 10 numbers (or more) from a given table of numbers, usually from 1 to 80. Think of it like a bingo card where you can see a bunch of numbers.

After that, the numbers are pulled from a virtual pot, and based on how many you’re going to get right; you’re going to win the sum. Based on the casino you play, the payouts and the amount of options you get can vary – certain online casinos may encourage you to pick up to 20 numbers. There’s even a house cut that you’re going to have to remember. But at the end of the day, the idea of this live casino game is simple: to win big, you need to choose as many numbers as you can.

If you play the live variant of keno, you’ll see an enticing dealer who will strive to make it exciting and enjoyable. You will see which numbers are being drawn from the pot and match them to the ones you’ve selected. If you have both of them right, the chances of what’s going on are incredibly slim, and you’re going to get a big payoff. Conversely, if you just have a few rights, your payday won’t be that big—you will win five or six times that amount with every rope you play keno.



  • When you play keno in the actual casino, you’ll be asked to fill a keno ticket with a pen/pencil that says all the numbers you want to put your bets on,                          something like the betting slip seen below. You will be asked to state your wager size, the number of games you want to play, and the overall betting price on          the same ticket. 
  • Play cannot take place immediately or easily – the no-download variant of the keno allows you to wait for other players to fill up their keno cards before the            game can start.
  • Once the person at the table has all the tickets, he/she will start drawing the numbers. After that, it’s just a matter of a few minutes before all the numbers are        drawn and you can decide whether you’ve won or lost. 

So, as you can see, there’s not much to distinguish the real keno from the online keno. This is quicker, stronger, and more effective.



Thanks to all the fantastic online casinos, it’s extremely easy to play keno with real money on the internet. You don’t have to fly all the way to Las Vegas – all you need is an outstanding internet connection, a device that doesn’t lag behind, and a little bit of luck! You can also play keno online on your cell phone if you like!  Here, we’ve curated a list of top reputable online casinos where you can play keno with Indian Rupees. Having checked each of them, we will guarantee their integrity and ensure that these players are legal, motivated and trustworthy. Before you start selecting a keno casino from our list, remember the following:

  • The reviews of the operator, reputation, and popularity
  • Welcome Bonuses and promotions offered
  • Commitment to responsible gambling
  • Ease of making payments and withdrawals
  • Customer support provided
  • Mobile usability
  • Gameplay, site design, and live dealers



If you’re playing keno online or in a real casino, the basics will still stay the same: pick a bunch of numbers from 1-80 and, based on how many of them you get correct when the draw is over, your prize will be determined. If the lady’s luck is lucky for you, you should only walk away from everything.  Even though the term ‘keno’ has French roots, the game is, by all means, Chinese, much like Sic Bo, which is still played internationally today. It is assumed that the success of keno in China has contributed greatly to raising the money needed to create the Great Wall! Eventually, the game crossed the Pacific and landed in the west, where the name of the keno was taken.



Even though it doesn’t come in the same group of legal casino games as poker, rummy, or even lotteries for that matter, it’s hard to understand why keno will be illegal in India. Thanks to its near similarity to lottery games, the game might well be considered legal! However, as of now, no regulation has been in place to address the legitimacy or illegality of online keno in India. Furthermore, no one has been arrested for playing this online so far, and that is impossible to happen in the future. At the end of the day, we encourage you to play the game safely.



As you might have guessed, the rules of the online keno are very simple:

  • You need to first pick a keno game – there are a couple of combinations that mostly feature how many numbers you can gamble on and the payout/reward            scheme. 
  • Once you’re in the game, pick the numbers – pay attention to how many you can select. Some games can encourage you to pick up to 20, while others may            limit your options to only 15. You can’t pick all 80 numbers. 
  • Before you place a bet, you can clear your bets and pick a number, or you can randomly select a number from the system.
  • Please understand the pay table. As mentioned earlier, the payoff can vary across various online casinos. 
  • Place your real money bets on the draw. 
  • If you have made a bet, you will have the option of ‘Play One’ or ‘Play Five.’ In the first example, the bets, as well as the numbers you have selected, would only          be accurate for one game. In the second example, you’re going to play five consecutive rounds with the same bet and numbers. Decide it carefully!



Basically, online keno is a pure game of chance. There is no talent or craft in gathering winning numbers – it is mathematically determined; it is an artwork of total randomness. But what you should do is play keno with a betting plan. Here are a number of them who have worked with various punters over the years:

  • You can still bet on the same set of numbers across various rounds to track which numbers get you luck. It’s not a sure-fire blueprint for success, but it does          perform well if you stick to the same table for a long time. 
  • Increase your bets as you score, decrease your bets as you fail. 
  • Oh, treat your resources carefully. Any bet you make must be motivated by intuition and thought rather than by nothingness. You’re going to have to pick how          much money you want to pay here.



Statistically speaking, the chances of winning big in online keno are astronomical. To give you a sense of what we’re talking about, here are the chances of landing the respective number of strikes:




1 in 843.380


1 in 46.446


1 in 20.115


1 in 8.009


1 in 4.877


1 in 4.287


1 in 5.258


1 in 5.258


1 in 20.055


1 in 61.420


1 in 253.801


1 in 253.801


1 in 10,968.701


1 in 118,084.920


1 in 1,821,881.628


1 in 41,751,453.986


1 in 1,496,372,110.872


1 in 90,624,035,964.712


1 in 10,512,388,171,906.553


1 in 2,946,096,785,176,811.500


1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,320.000

If you can see, the odds of having all 20 numbers correct on the keno betting slip are just over 100 trillion to 1! This is totally mind-shaking! The fees are also big, in the same way. However, as we discussed earlier, this differs from casino to casino. Some casinos can sell you 10,000 times your original bet to get 10 numbers correct. Others may reward you with 15,000x for having 20 numbers right. Whatever the case might be, get acquainted with your payout before you leap in.



Depending on the casino you’re in, you could notice a few variants of the keno. Although the general rules may stay the same, things like compensation tables, maximum numbers selected, and other complex things can differ. For example, certain combinations can quadruple your winnings in order to hit a specific strike.

Here are a few variations of the game that you may come across:

  • Circus Keno
  • Balloon Game Keno
  • Golden Hits
  • Redneck Keno
  • Thunder Power
  • Super Spot Keno and others



Another thing to remember when playing keno online is to select between interactive or live streaming versions. The first one is really quick: you play with the AI, where all is finished instantly. There’s no hesitation, no waiting time, it’s all going to happen in seconds.

On the other hand, the live streaming keno will feature an attractive, sexy dealer who will pull numbers from a bag (or read them out aloud). Plus, there’s going to be a waiting time of a few seconds where you might have to pick up the numbers online before the draw begins. Since there’s a human touch here, the action isn’t going to be as easy as the virtual keno. But on the other hand, you might find this fun as live casino dealers always aim to make it as engaging as possible.



There is no doubt that keno is a fun casino game. Driven by nothing but dumb luck, in no time can you become a lakhpati! But before you dive in an online keno casino with hoops, we recommend you play it for free first, right here on our website. This way, you’ll get to know all the laws of the game and understand the various facets of the game. It’s also a good way to develop the habit of bankroll management and learn other techniques that could come in handy when you play for real money! Once you’re happy, check out the list of casinos below that welcome Indian customers and offer world-class customer service. 

Taking the first moves in this fun, exciting casino game and be on your way to win huge money! Sign up today and play at one of our trusted casinos.



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