Lucky 7

ABOUT Lucky 7 Game

Lucky 7 game is the simplest form of Indian card game that can be used for betting on or just played for fun. Indian children grow up playing the game. It can be very astonishing when you bet on & the quite easy game to learn. Lucky seven-game is played with 28 standard pack of cards in which the main cards are A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. The cards are then dealt with until two cards of the equivalent value display. Then competitors bet on how many cards it will take before two duplicate cards have been drawn. The fewest probable number is two, only if the first two cards are absolutely the same. If this follows then, seven contrast cards are drawn in a row then this is called Lucky 7 and it is the highest paying bet. In Lucky 7 game Sevens is called as Fan Tan, Dominoes, or Assembly depending on who you ask. Behindhand the name, the main aim is to get rid of your cards first in order to win. The only things you need are some friends with a deck of cards, and the ability to put cards in subsequent number order and good luck.

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Lucky 7 game Rules

  • Deal out an entire deck of cards. Pick an individual to be the dealer and have them hand out a deck of 52 playing cards, face-down and one by one, to each person going clockwise.
  • Three to eight people can play this game.
  • Arrange your hand according to order and suit. In order to keep yourself focused, formulate the cards dealt with you.
  • The cards should be organized first by suit, and then an analytical order. It’s best to start with any twos on the far left and run them up to the ace on the far right.
  • Start each round with the seven of diamonds. Any one of them has all seven of the diamonds lays it down on the table. When seven of any suit is played it starts a “layout.” A layout is made by laying cards down one by one next to the seven in sequential order.
  • Organize the layouts on the table. Layouts go horizontally on the table. You can create a grid of 4×13 cards if you put each suit going sideways above another.
  • Rather than this, you can start stacking the rest of the sequence of a suit on top of the 6 and 8 cards to save space.
  • Take turns only to bring one card down at a time. Each person on their turn puts one card down, but it has to be the next card in relation to the ones that are already on the table. For instance, the next cards played after seven will be either six or the eight of that suit.
  • ” Knock” when you cannot play any cards. Knocking the table is a sign to say that you’re passing on your turn. Or instead, you can only just say “pass.” You may pass when you don’t have any cards that are playable.
  • For instance, if there are only fives over nines on the table and all you have left are twos and face cards.
  • The lucky 7 game keeps going on unless and until any of the players runs out of all the cards. Go around the table while each player putting one card down until some of the players play their last card. The same player will be the winner of that specific round, and if you’re only playing a single round then they are the victor of the game. A new round or game starts with all 52 cards of the deck.

Lucky 7 game Dealer Rules

The following paytable shows all the different ways to win. There are completely separate pay tables especially for Super Sevens and Crazy Sevens, which are mainly indicated in separate columns. All wins are on a “to one” basis.

lucky 7 game Rules

Rule Variants:

  • If a player has two sevens and the dealer has a blackjack, does the player get a third card for purposes of the side bet only?
  • If by chance player gets two sevens and splits, what happens?

Lucky 7 game Player Rules

  • Lucky 7 is a quite simple Indian casino game based particularly on cards that can be played for having a betting experience or just for having fun. Children mainly in India grow up playing this particular game. It is quite very simple to learn and when to bet on, it can prove to be very exciting when betting on.
  • This game is particularly played with the A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 cards from a standard pack of cards. Hence there are 28 cards to be played with. The cards are then dealt with until two cards of the same value appear.
  • Players then place wages on how many cards it’ll take before two matching cards have been drawn. The least possible number is two if the very first two cards are exactly the same. Then, however, seven different cards are drawn continuously in a row then this is particularly called Lucky 7 and it is the highest paying bet.

How to play Lucky 7 game

  • Determine the rounds and throws per play.
  • Agree on scoring.
  • Decide on when lucky numbers will be chosen.
  • Gather some dice and players.
  • Select your lucky number.
  • Take turns throwing the dice.
  • Count your points and declare the winner.
  • Adding Variations
  • Add a low, mid, high bet.
  • Allow odd and even bets.
  • Reward doubles bets.

Lucky 7 game dice

Lucky Seven is a game based on dice. The only aim of this game is to bet game money on the dice roll to double them.

  • Enter your wager for any/all of the 3 options, viz. Below Seven, Exact Seven, Above Seven.
  • Roll The Dice
  • If the sum of the values of dice matches with any of your bet, that particular amount is doubled. Amount bet on other options if forfeited.
  • Close the window. Bet and Roll The Dice again.

Lucky 7 game Strategies

The Lucky Seven Strategy is an effective and simple betting system that can be used in roulette. The main advantage of this system is the relatively small bankroll which is needed to play. According to the Lucky 7 strategy you need to have enough money to place 24 bets. Thus if we bet Rs 100 on every spin we need to bring Rs 2400 to a casino. Another rule of this strategy is that you should make even money bets (red/black, even/odds). Such an approach guarantees that you will double your winnings each time you have a positive outcome. The main idea of the Lucky Seven strategy is extremely simple. When you win you should place next bet which is your previous bet + 0.5 of your bet. For example, you bet Rs 1400 and won. Alright, your next bet should be Rs 2800. Otherwise when you lose you need to go back to the initial bet. Ok, but what should we do if we cannot take half of our bet, for example, if our bet needs to be 15+15*0.5? In this case, we should round up our bet. In our example, it will be Rs 2300.
As we said you don’t need to have a decent bankroll to use this system. Your biggest bet will be is 5x initial bet. Moreover, when you win 2 times in a row you compensate a big part of your losses. You can see the algorithm of the Lucky Seven strategy in this table.
The main goal of this strategy is to win 7 consecutive times. In this case, you will have a very good profit like it is shown in the table. Let’s assume our initial bet was Rs 710. When you win 7 times in a row you should stop playing and start your cycle from the very beginning. As you might guess this strategy has got one big con – there is no guarantee that you will be able to win 7 consecutive times. At the same time, there is no guarantee of winning even 2 times in a row. Thus you can lose your bankroll. Anyway, the Lucky Seven strategy is highly respected by experienced gamblers. Using this system is a very good way to earn a small amount of money with minimal investments.

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