Teer Shillong

What is Shillong Teer Game?

Shillong Teer game started in the state of Meghalaya. The TEER means ARROW and archery has been a tradition in Meghalaya since anyone could remember. The tribal people basically practiced the game in remote areas, and gradually it became popular among the locals back then. Betting sessions gained popularity with the rise of TEER GAME, it has thrilled, it was fun, entertaining and fast results make the SHILLONG TEER GAME popular.

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Shillong Teer Night Game

The Teer Shillong Night game came in limelight of betting sessions in the 20th Century but Meghalaya Government had it banned but the game continued to entertain people and being their traditional game it was always counted as perfect bet game. Later on, the Meghalaya Government removed the ban in the 80s as it was an attraction among locals and outsiders, helping the state in generating some decent revenue. Today, the game is still practiced at full enthusiasm under MEGHALAYA AMUSEMENT AND BETTING TAX AMENDMENT ACT 1982.
The betting on TEER is taken in similar ways as per worked out in games like SATKA MATKA. Shillong Teer game observes arrows being fired by the archer, the count being 3000 and the result is summed up as the number of arrows hitting the target. The bet has to be placed by predicting the last two digits of the summed up number.
For instance, if 1080 arrows hit the target out of 3000, then the winning number proclaimed is 80.

Shillong Morning Teer

Chiefly there are 2-morning archery take place in Shillong. Both of them are named as morning-1 and morning-2. The very first round starts from 10 am & 10:30 am respectively. After an hour the second round is held. You can also check all the final judgments of this morning archery of Shillong here. Besides the daytime, the Shillong teer hit number is the topmost priority for the whole Meghalaya. This game is the biggest archery fan following than any other game in India.

Shillong Teer Game Result

We understand your confusing thoughts (ie) what to search on Google? Search for any word that says “Teer Result”,” Meghalaya Teer” or “Shillong Teer”. We want to make sure that all of these pages have the same value and we know this fact. So we suggest you stay on this page which will provide every answer related to Teer game and type in Google “Teer News Shillong”, “teer results of Shillong” or “Teer Results”. We are playing teer from a long time and we know what you are looking for from this website and we make sure that you will get all the information you are looking are available on our website.
As we all are well known “one should be very patient, one may not feel it at the moment but one will definitely be overwhelmed when the almighty reveals his benevolent !!” So be courteous and have the patience to play teer game, otherwise, you can be out of Teer game. As a result, If you do not want to expire from this game and play the game, then you need to adopt different strategies to achieve uneven Teer goals. Don’t be skeptical we will help you by providing all the necessary tools on this website to make you a successful teer player but you should play with intelligence. We update teer results every day on this page as soon as it is announced from the teer ground by teer association, so have patience and get the authentic and fastest Teer results from us.

shillong teer results

Shillong Teer Previous Results


shillong teer previous results

How to Play Teer Shillong

Teer Shillong Game Rules

Among the betters and locals, it is normally observed that arriving early at the game and forcing themselves to sleep is very common. The tribal people relate the game to the subconscious mind and the betters try to explicate the dreams for numerous outcomes. Seeing anything related to red color, the outcome should be number four, or an umbrella denotes the number seven. It is largely common among betters to follow some specified complex systems taught by their ancestors which people acknowledge with full consent of their dreams. One can even find some interpretations online as per mentioned by aged-tribals/ Shillong Teer Counter:-

  • Erotic dream: 03, 08, 13, 37, 40, 73
  • Flying into an airplane: 23, 43, 53, 63, 68, 73, 83, 93
  • Money: 00, 14, 15, 20, 25, 35, 50
  • Ghost or hallucination: 52, 54, 58, 62, 64, 68
  • An event: 18, 28, 38, 52, 58, 62
  • Husband & wife fight: 03, 08, 13, 37, 40, 73
  • Open Bathing: 08, 18, 28, 48, 78, 98
  • The Shillong Teer Counter already been limited to Meghalaya state, is gaining popularity among betters after legalisation and even government has gained huge profit in tax and by provisions of licensed in legal formats. Also the online popularity of the game also got the lights, by providing the people and betters with suitable information and legal accesses controlled.

Shillong Teer Hit Number

We provide hit numbers also known as Teer common numbers for the teer game. You can check out our 13th January 2020 Teer hit numbers today in teer common numbers page. We can’t guarantee you that everyday teer results will be from these target/Hit/common numbers on our site. Nonetheless, users from all over India & Bangladesh still have a good review of these numbers. So play these numbers at your own risk. Due to the increase of Teer players in the Teer of Shillong. Clubs change their algorithm so it enables our team to adopt difficult and sensible strategies on how to retrieve HIT numbers from previously existing results in Shillong teer results.

Now let’s discuss further, Is there a sure number in this game? Our team members have researched this but no conclusions have been drawn. No fixed number or making number. No members from theteer.com can provide these numbers. Hence if we are getting the call from fake callers on our behalf, we will alert our users to receiving any number. We easily provide the Teer Common numbers on our site which is accessible to all for free and we have a premium plan that is teer target where we provide highly targeted numbers that have more chance to be in Teer Result!

Playing teer Shillong games based on common number and teer dream numbers also play have a significant impact on any teer results. The dream you had was a sign of some specific set of teer numbers today. players of this game often use to check for those numbers which are called their night dream.

Shillong Teer Dream Number

You’ve heard the word “Teer Dream Numbers” from every Teer counter player or participants who have predicted numbers in the Teer game. Teer Value Number is nothing, but actually, the number that you take with the dream that you had seen last night and you choose the number and predict that if you’re lucky enough then you will win the game of today. But it isn’t that in every dream of your last night willn’t only be a symbol of winning numbers, but you can also see the dream of a house number or ending number. Therefore, you will need to play cleverly with those numbers, which is a symbol of winning your dream teer lottery.
Keep Checking out your Teer Dream Numbers is in this table of dreams any search terms like khanapara teer dream number, and match it to today’s outcome. You will see that this can increase your chances of winning a lot. All you need is that you must know how to play with the dream numbers.

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