What Is Satta Matka? Which Are the Best Satta Sites in India?

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What Is Satta Matka? Which Are the Best Satta Sites in India?

Satta Matka is a traditional Indian gambling game. You can judge the popularity of the game by the fact that betting against odds is often referred to as Satta. While many people might have heard of the game and are aware of its existence, not many know exactly ‘what is Satta Matka’. So, here we are discussing the game. 

Learn About Satta Matka 

Satta Matka Game originated in pre-independence India in the early 20th century. The format of the game is simple – numbers are drawn from a Matka. If your bet matches the number drawn, you win. It enjoyed a very large fan-following before restrictions were imposed on the game. The game of Satta was about betting odds against the New York Cotton Exchange’s rate of cotton. The format changed in the 1960s and various other markets were utilised for generating random numbers. The prices of random products replaced the cotton rates from NY Cotton Exchange. 

Over the years, the simple game has shifted from a pot to playing cards and more. 

Terms used in the game: 

You must familiarise yourself with certain conditions used in the game. 

  • Matka – The earthen pot from which the numbers used to be initially drawn gave the name to the game
  • ingle – A digit in the range of 0-9 
  • Jodi/Pair – A pair of two digits between 00-99
  • Patti/Panna – Three-digit betting result; only limited 3-digit numbers may e used
  • Open/Close results – The two parts of the result
  • SP/DP/TP – Single Patti (e.g.123/ Double Patti (e.g.112)/Triple Patti (e.g.111)
  • Cycle Patti – Last two digits of the Patti
  • Farak – The difference from close result to open result
  • Berji – Last digit of the jodi’s sum

Play on the Best Matka Indian sites     

Several websites publish the results of Satta Matka happening across the country but only a few that allow you to place your bets online. However, instead of betting on some random game, players can choose to participate in online Satta games offered y several gaming websites.  

Where to Play Satta Matka for Real Money? 

You can find a list of these on LuckyCasinoIndia.com. You can also find details of these websites and their reviews here to help you choose the best Satta Matka website in India. You can play the game for real money at these sites after you have registered yourself. You can read the reviews about the various sites, to know which ones you can put you trust with personal and financial details.  

Where to play Satta Matka for free credits and win real cash

Many of these websites offer free credits to their members for joining them or registering with them. You can use these free credits for generating wins in real cash and hence more money to play for a longer time for free.

To sum up

There are many Matka Indian sites where you can play Satta for virtual and real money. It is a centuries-old game offering the right mixture of excitement and fun. But, as a player you need to thoroughly understand the rules of the game and the betting odds, before you start playing.